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Beyond Doubt Lay Answers

Author: fractionallyfox
Title: Beyond Doubt Lay Answers
Rating: PG-13
Pairing/s: Gwaine/Leon
Character/s: Gwaine, Leon
Summary: Some things are more difficult to pursue than others.
Warnings: none
Word Count: 742
Prompt: #396 - Stalked
Author's Notes: Many apologies for being late!

The door to Leon's room opened with barely a sound, failing to alert the recent occupant to his presence.

Leon held the door ajar as he watched Gwaine stand from the tub on the far side of the room. A bath was a luxury Gwaine had to be talked into enjoying; Gwaine didn't like ordering the necessary preparations for a hot bath. He would probably forgo the whole thing altogether - or even help the servants carry water through the castle himself - if Leon didn't arrange for the bath to simply be in the room when Gwaine returned from patrol.

The soft flowery scent of soap was just as pleasing as the sight of Gwaine allowing himself an indulgence.

Leon eased the door closed, setting the latch in place instead of letting it fall. He kept his steps light as he stalked across the room. He could see the moment Gwaine realized he was there. Gwaine's shoulders stilled beneath the towel he was drying himself with, his head turning slightly as he listened for Leon's next move.

Leon paused. Gwaine waited.

In the blink of an eye, their hands met, Leon grabbing Gwaine as he reached for his sword belt.

"You're getting slow, Sir Gwaine," Leon said in greeting.

Gwaine scoffed, throwing his sword belt down on the nearby table. He pulled the towel off his shoulders, giving it a purposeful flick in Leon's direction before continuing to dry himself off.

"I thought you were Tibold," Gwaine said, turning away from Leon and to face the fire.

Leon hadn't seen his squire all day. "Why Tibold?"

"I asked him to get a new candle because that one's nearly spent."

Leon followed Gwaine's gesture to the bedside table. Gwaine was right; the candle was little more than a wick in a pile of melted wax. It was a reasonable explanation but Leon was enjoying himself too much. He hadn't seen Gwaine all day either.

"You're still getting slow," he said, giving a shrug when Gwaine's head snapped towards him. "You let your guard down."

"I thought you were Tibold," Gwaine repeated.

Leon heard nothing but excuses. He shook his head and easily stepped out of range of another flick from Gwaine's towel. He waited until Gwaine put the towel down before unfastening his sword belt. He set it down on the table besides Gwaine's.

"You're the very one," Leon said as Gwaine stepped into his trousers, "who accuses me of not being on my guard in the citadel."

"Because you sleep like a dead man!" Gwaine shouted. Leon struggled to keep a straight face as Gwaine stalked in his direction with the laces of his trousers undone. "Your head hits your fancy pillow and you're dead to the world. What would happen if there was an attack?"

Leon waved vaguely. "The bells would wake me."

Gwaine laughed, sounding doubtful. "Maybe."

"You would wake me," Leon said without a doubt. He stepped forward to meet Gwaine, until he was close enough to smell the scent of soap on Gwaine's skin.

Gwaine gave the statement an extended period of consideration.


Leon made the mistake of giving Gwaine a shove for his feigned indifference. Gwaine grabbed the hand that touched him and twisted Leon's arm, the angle forcing Leon to bend into Gwaine's personal space.

"If I'm here, I'll wake you," Gwaine offered, his grin warm in a way Leon was still getting used to.

"When are you not here?"

A range of emotions passed over Gwaine's face but Leon wasn't given time to study them. Gwaine pulled at him with both hands, their mouths meeting in a touch that was more clash than kiss. It was part of a pattern Leon had noticed, a habit he wasn't sure Gwaine was aware of: Gwaine attacked when he didn't know an answer, both on the battlefield and in the bedroom. If the source of the question was vanquished, the question wouldn't have to be answered.

For Leon being vanquished meant fierce kisses, bite marks, and the gnawing worry that he'd never fully know the man he'd come to love.

Gwaine released Leon's arm and pressed both hands to his chest, pushing Leon back, giving him no opportunities to find his footing. Leon could do nothing but follow where he led.

In the blink of an eye, they fell into the bed, Leon grasping for the answers that Gwaine didn't want to discuss.

"You're getting slow, Sir Leon."
Tags: *c:fractionallyfox, c:gwaine, c:leon, p:gwaine/leon, pt 396:stalked, rating:pg-13, type:drabble

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