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Cold = Crankypants

Author: shadowspun
Title: Cold = Crankypants
Rating: G
Characters: Elyan, Gwaine, Derian
Summary: A trip to Caerleon leaves Elyan in a bad mood.
Warnings: none
Word Count: 402
Prompt: 397, cliff
A/N: thanks again to for their inspiration.  Also, sorry it's a tad bit late.  I went shopping with Mom.  And if someone can suggest a better title, I'd love to hear it.  I have the fic saved as "Harry, it sucks."

It was a nice castle.  At some point in the distant past.  Now, it was a crumbling ruin on a cliff with a constant cold breeze whipping through the halls, chilling the stone floors and every room regardless of how much one built up a fire.  Elyan wondered if the sea that crashed around the rocks at the base of the cliffs had decided to claim the castle. He could see where the waves had hollowed out caves to each side of the castle.  There were likely some that he couldn’t see, sapping the very walls he stood on.

“Nice spot for a vacation. Eh?”  Gwaine’s slight lilt betrayed his resignation at their current assignment.  A visit to Caerleon had turned into a task to help them rid themselves of a band of pirates from Eire as a gesture of good faith.

Derian stood behind the two knights, dressed in his plain leathers without even a cloak to cut the chill.  “My family has always enjoyed it. We’re not as pampered as you Camelot knights. The sea tends to winnow the weak from the strong.”

Elyan and Gwaine caught each other’s gaze.  The large man had done his best to antagonize them the entire time they’d spent with Queen Annis’ forces.  Gwaine had been good so far, but Elyan could see that the man wanted to snark back at the queen’s much less polite version of Percival.  Elyan sighed. He had finally had enough of it himself. “Well, Derian, I’m glad you like it, but Gwaine and I’ll be glad to get back home.  Frankly, it’s awfully cold here. Which probably contributes to why you’re so cranky all the time.”

Elyan clapped his hand on the shoulder of the choking brunet next to him and pushed him down the wall walk.  “Not a word to Leon, Gwaine, or so help me I’ll make the trip back to Camelot so miserable for you, you’ll wish you’d stayed here.”

Gwaine waved his hands frantically, “No, no, Elyan, you don’t understand.  I’ve wanted to punch him for a full week. I never thought you would be the one to crack.  I’m just so proud of you.”

Elyan snorted and shook his head.  He’d never tell Gwaine this, but the man’s constant good humor and jokes were the only things keeping him sane during this assignment.  Better not to let that go to his head, though.

Tags: *c:shadowspun, c:elyan, c:gwaine, pt 397:cliff, rating:g, type:drabble

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