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In the Dark - part 6

Author: archaeologist_d
Title: In the dark – part 6
Rating: PG-13
Pairing/s: Merlin/Arthur
Character/s: Merlin, Arthur
Summary: Explosions aren’t always what film guy needs.
Warnings: none
Word Count: 1144
Camelot_drabble Prompt: 408 – random prompts: Ears
Author's Notes: No Time to Die with James Bond 2020
Disclaimer: Merlin characters are the property of Shine and BBC. No profit is being made, and no copyright infringement is intended.
Wet dream guy was back. As Merlin shuffled over to his own seat, popcorn in hand, he glanced over to see the man scowling down at his phone, then typing furiously away at it. He never looked up. He was alone, no gorgeous woman on his arm arguing with him. And although Merlin wondered about it, he wasn’t about to go over and find out. Even if Merlin was good-looking - which he wasn’t, it was really none of Merlin’s business.

Besides, wet dream guy looked like he just wanted to be left alone. Merlin could understand that. After Will’s fuck-up, Merlin hadn’t wanted to talk to anyone for ages. It wasn’t until film guy started whispering in his ear all those weeks ago that he began to look forward to things again.

He just hoped that film guy felt the same.

As usual, it wasn’t until the movie started and James Bond started blowing things up – how he survived the car crashes was a marvel in technology and movie magic, that film guy said, “I could use a good explosion right about now.”

Film guy was spot on. In the next second, a series of ear-pounding blasts ripping through the Secret Service building and onto the street, the cars flipping sky high and people running away. It was beautiful in a way, all that deadly danger in vivid colour, and behind Merlin, film guy gave a little chuckle.

Merlin wanted to turn around, but instead, he said, “Good call. But the Dumb and Dumber explosion climax was pretty spectacular. It would be hard to beat.”

“I’m confident that Bond will outdo himself,” Film guy whispered. “I’ll be taking notes, though. You never know when you need to blow something up.”

He sounded bitter, and for the briefest moment, Merlin wondered just how much he knew about film guy. Was he serious?
“I think MI6 would be unhappy if you did,” Merlin said, trying to sound as if it was a joke. “Unless you are 007.”

“No, just a bloody cog in the grinding wheel that is my life.” Film guy must have realized how it sounded. “I’m… for fuck’s sake, I’m not going to really blow anything up. Although my father’s Bentley could do with a bit of a clean.”

Merlin was relieved. He wasn’t sure he could be Q to a James Bond. He was more the pasty graphics guy in the back, scurrying away from danger. “Bad day?”

“Fuck, bad week, bad month, bad year.”

Film guy must have leaned forward, maybe putting his forehead against the back of Merlin’s seat, because Merlin could feel the silky texture of film guy’s hair on his neck. He wanted to arch back, then, wanted to reach over and maybe pet that hair, run his fingers through the softness, then down his cheek and snog the hell out of him. Film guy sounded so unhappy.

But Merlin did none of those things, just said, “Can you leave? I mean I just started at my job and at least the CEO didn’t fire me, although I heard he raged at his son all week. I never met the guy but really, what father would do that? In public, no less.”

For a minute, film guy didn’t say anything, but he didn’t seem to be watching James Bond either. There was a sex scene and some boats blowing up and another car crash and Merlin had expected him to mock all the clichés, but instead, he said, so quietly that Merlin almost didn’t hear him, “Sounds like something my father would do.”

“No one deserves that, not even Pendragon junior.” There was a sharp breath somewhere behind Merlin’s ear and then quiet. Somewhere in there, film guy’s head was resting securely against Merlin’s neck, and his fingers were warm on Merlin’s shoulder. He didn’t even try to steal Merlin’s popcorn. It must have been a hell of a week.

Finally, film guy said, “Yeah, well, maybe he does. If he screws up that much….”

At that, Merlin almost turned around. He just wanted to hug the man, no matter that he was really just a stranger in a theatre full of noise and explosions. Instead, he said, “No one does. Seriously, no one… but if I were him, I’d get as far away as I could.”

“And if it wasn’t possible?” Film guy sounded like he really wanted to know.

“Junior must have some money. Even if he had to give up his posh lifestyle, is it really worth being humiliated every week?” Merlin said. He had to wonder just what was going on because he didn’t really think they were talking about Pendragon junior. Was film guy in trouble? They were virtual strangers. Merlin didn’t even know his name. But still he wanted to help him in any way he could.

“It’s not that simple,” film guy said.

Merlin decided to dive in. Not turning around, Merlin reached up and pulled on his ears, fanning them out so they looked even larger than normal. “I’ve big ears. I’m willing to listen if you need to talk, you know.”

Film guy gave a little snort. “They are not that big.” But he did squeeze Merlin’s shoulder before letting go. “But thanks. It’s… I may take you up on that someday.”

Before either of them could say anything else, there was another spectacular explosion on screen, a crescendo of noise and light and colour. Behind him, film guy laughed.

Then before Merlin could say anything, a huge bag of candy, Maltesers by the look of it, dropped into his lap. Film guy said, “I’m not saying you won because Bond explosions would always be the best, but here.”

“But I didn’t win, really. You were right… this time.” The explosions had been pretty stunning.

“Well, consider it a down payment.” Film guy’s hand reached over and patted the bag. That it was nestled in Merlin’s groin did not escape Merlin’s notice. But film guy didn’t do anything else, just leaned back and said, “They are showing Wonder Woman next week and there’s lots of loud blasts in it.”

“I’ll save it until then.” It would be a hardship because Merlin loved Maltesers, but sharing them with film guy sounded like a plan. Plus Merlin didn’t want to move or put the bag aside for now because his cock was starting to show interest and it could get embarrassing.

Film guy didn’t seem to notice. Instead, he bumped his head against the back of Merlin’s, and there was definitely pressure there, soft lip pressure if Merlin was any judge, but in the next instant, film guy was gone.

As the credits rolled, Merlin had a few problems. The Maltesers were still calling, his head was still remembering that non-kiss, and his cock was still interested.

Fuck it all.
Tags: *c:archaeologist_d, c:arthur, c:merlin, p:arthur/merlin, pt 408:random ao3, rating:pg-13, type:drabble

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