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Thoughts and Memories

Author: inspired_being
Title: Thoughts and Memories
Rating: G
Pairing/s: None
Character/s: Arthur, with lots of Merlin mentions
Summary: Arthur tries to sleep but the memories and his thoughts keep him awake
Warnings: None
Word Count: 604
Prompt: #24 Come Wake Me Up – Rascal Flatts
Author's Notes: So I only managed one this week (after all my ideas… though I’ll still keep the plot of the other one and potentially get a long story out of it at a later date). I made it the next instalment of the Seen and Hidden ‘verse, as I’d like to finish it before the new season starts (prompts permitting) or at least before I see it and have my mind tainted by new information.

Arthur lay in his bed thinking about recent events. Things had changed so quickly. Merlin's magic changed everything, yet nothing at the same time.

Usually, when he started feeling sentimental about his manservant, he could tell himself that he was the King and that everyone else was below him. He needed to keep a distance from his knights and from his servant especially. But he could not shake the feeling of the magic across his skin.

He didn't want to fight the truth. He wasn't his father. After feeling Merlin's magic, he knew that magic was just a tool, like his sword was a tool. There was no evil in the power he felt. It had been light, soft and warm. It almost felt like home.

He wondered what his father might have thought and might have done had he found out about Merlin possessing magic while he had been alive.

Thinking about his father's death and magic made his heart sink. Through Merlin's memories, he now knew that it had been Merlin who had cast the spell that had ultimately killed his father. His intentions had been pure, but something had gone wrong. In Merlin's mind, Morgana had been the one behind it. The thought made the pain worse. But it made sense. She was not the person he had grown up with anymore and he trusted Merlin more than he sometimes thought he should.

Arthur tried to push the thoughts of his father out of his head. He closed his eyes and hoped that sleep would take him.

It didn't. Instead, it gave his and Merlin's memories more power. As Prince and manservant, they had formed a strong relationship. Merlin was always there when he needed him and despite his scrawny looks and clumsiness, Merlin wasn't the idiot Arthur often joked he was. His profound words of wisdom were surprising at first, but he had become thankful for them. Merlin would pick up on his mood and most of the unspoken things that had he tried to keep to himself because he had no one to talk to or he thought they were pointless to talk about. Yet, Merlin thought they were important and he would encourage him to express his thoughts and feelings.

It had felt natural for Arthur to spill his heart and soul to Merlin. He didn't know why. Maybe it was because Merlin had saved his life, that first time. Maybe that was where their relationship stemmed from. Or was it before that, when they had first met?

Merlin had stood up to him. True, he had not known who Arthur was at the time, but even after finding out his courage had not seemed to waiver. It had been the dose of humility Arthur had needed. When Merlin became his manservant, the strength of character he had shown when in those first moments did not leave him.

Even with all the things Merlin had been made to do, he believed in Arthur's heart and that he could be led in the right direction. Merlin had ensured that Arthur had survived to be the King of Camelot and to see magic return to the land. He would not, could not have been in his current position without Merlin by his side. So it was only right that Merlin should finally be acknowledged for all he has done for Camelot and for its King.

The memories continue to burn in Arthur’s mind and the last conscious thought he remembered, before sleep took him, was the question of if it would be Merlin who woke him up in the morning.

~*inspired being*~
Tags: *c:inspired_being, c:arthur, pt 024:song prompt 1 (came wake me up), rating:g, type:drabble

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