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The Announcement

Author: gilli_ann
Title: The Announcement
Rating: G
Pairing: Arthur/Merlin
Characters: Arthur, Merlin
Summary: It's time for Prince Arthur and Merlin to face the world together as their engagement is announced.
Warnings: None
Word Count: 200
Prompt: 412 Holding hands (touch)
Author's Notes: Modern royal AU, which adds to my royal engagement story.

"His Majesty the King is delighted to announce the engagement of Crown Prince Arthur to Mister Merlin Emrys.

Further details about the wedding day, venue and ceremony will be announced shortly.

Following the marriage, the couple will take up residence in Albion Palace."

- * -

The announcement was brief and to the point, but it reverberated through the country like a thunderclap. All at once the royal engagement filled every media channel and every casual conversation. The few negative views were drowned in a surge of delight and approval. Everyone wanted more— pictures, interviews, information, scoops. Merlin's online articles were inundated with clicks, comments and congratulations.

Their very first shared press conference took place in the afternoon. A loud hum of excited voices could be heard through the door to the west gallery.

"Ready to be thrown to the lions?" Arthur grinned.

"They're my sort of people, you know."

"And mine."

They shared a smile, their eyes meeting in perfect understanding.

"You look good, cariad."

"So do you." Arthur drew a breath and reached for Merlin's hand. "Well, let's do this."

The doors were thrown wide open. Still holding hands, the two of them walked through proudly to meet the world.

Tags: *c:gilli_ann, c:arthur, c:merlin, p:arthur/merlin, pt 412:holding hands (touch), rating:g, type:drabble

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