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Author: aeris444
Character/s:Arthur, Merlin
Summary:Arthur needs inspiration for the new flavour of the month
Word Count:240
Prompt:414. Flavour of the month (taste)
Author's Notes: Not betaread

Arthur was sitting in the back of the kitchen. He had to find the new flavour of the month for his ice cream parlour. He thought about him. He was like a muse for him. Arthur had already made so many flavours in tribute to one of his most loyal customers.

Black Cherry… for his red and plump lips.

Dark coffee… for his dark and unruly hair

Passion fruit… as sharp as his cheekbones

Blueberry... to remind him of his eyes

Fudge brownie… comforting like his smile

This time, Arthur wanted something different. He remembered the last time the guy had come. He was with a friend and they were talking, joking. And suddenly, he laughed. It was the most perfect sound in the world. His whole face was smiling, his eyes glinted.

Arthur wanted to recreate that moment in an ice cream flavour. Something sunny… Mango? Something unique… Cardamom? Something tangy… Orange?

Yes, that could work!


Two days later.

Merlin nearly ran to reach the shop. Today was the day when the flavour of the month was coming out! Merlin was very fond of that ice cream parlour. It was selling the best ice cream in all town and the owner was quite attractive which was the cherry on the cake!

As he reached the little house, Merlin immediately looked at the shop window where the usual blackboard was. And on top of the list, the new flavour: Sunshine.

Tags: c:arthur, c:merlin, pt 414:flavor of the month (taste)

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