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Status Updates

Author: weepingwillow9
Title: Status Updates
Rating: R
Pairing/s: Merlin/Arthur
Character/s: Arthur, Merlin, Morgana
Summary: Arthur meets Merlin in a club and Facebook is the only way to find him again
Warnings: None
Word Count: 586
Prompt: Facebook
Author's Notes: I only kind of like this. I love the prompt but seriously, so many Uni things to do right now, drowning in paperwork and alcohol! If I have time tomorrow I'll write another, but I'm doubting it...

Arthur gets in from the club and thanks god for Facebook. Because he’d forgotten to ask the perfect man with his perfect cheekbones and his deep blue eyes for his number. There had been plenty of distractions, to be fair, with the way Merlin pressed his arse into Arthur and slipped his fingers under his shirt, the way he leaned close with promises of kisses that never came. Well, not until the end of the night. Just before he told Arthur he couldn’t take him home because he was staying at his uncle’s until the heating was fixed on his flat and disappeared into the crowd.

Arthur Pendragon wrote on Merlin Emrys’ wall:

Hi, was good to meet you last night. I added you on facebook, you gave me your name but I doubt you remember.

Merlin Emrys is now friends with Arthur Pendragon

Merlin Emrys wrote on Arthur Pendragon’s wall:

            Oh god, I was that drunk? Don’t think you’ll want to know me now

Arthur Pendragon wrote on Merlin Emrys’ wall:

            No, no, it was good! Actually, we’re going out tonight, if you want to join?

Merlin Emrys wrote on Arthur Pendragon’s wall:

            Sounds great, message you about when and where?

Merlin Emrys is with Arthur Pendragon at CAMELOT

Arthur dances slowly, a little awkwardly, but hiding it with bravado. A few steps away, Merlin is dancing between Morgana and Leon, just as friends. But it makes something twist inside Arthur, to see him smile, twist, bare just an inch of hipbone. A double shot of want, searing through him. He goes over, and he pulls Merlin to him, and he puts his hands on Merlin’s arse and rolls their hips together. Merlin struggles and shoves him and pulls away, and disappears into the crowd again.

Morgana Pendragon wrote on Merlin Emrys’ wall:

I’m sorry about my idiot brother, he didn’t mean to upset you – he’s just emotionally constipated. It was great meeting you though, we should do it again sometime without him

Morgana Pendragon wrote on Arthur Pendragon’s wall:

            Apologise you twat.

Arthur Pendragon wrote on Merlin Emrys’ wall:

Shit, I’m so sorry about last night, I thought- well, it doesn’t matter what I thought, you were drunk last night and I shouldn’t have thought it meant anything. But I’d still like to be friends, if we can?

Merlin Emrys wrote on Arthur Pendragon’s wall:

            Maybe we could talk about it? Albion coffee shop at one?

Arthur Pendragon wrote on Merlin Emrys’ wall:

            I’ll see you then

Arthur sits awkwardly in the café, waiting for Merlin to turn up. To be honest, he doesn’t think he will. Arthur is of the opinion that he doesn’t deserve a second chance, no way in hell. But then Merlin’s there, flustered and slipping into his chair, and apologising for being late, and actually smiling. Arthur can barely believe his luck when Merlin steals a sip of his coffee and tells him “I may have overreacted.”

Arthur gapes a little, and Merlin just smiles wider.

“So I really do like you, it just freaked me out when you so suddenly- but let’s leave that. I realised I’d probably done more than that drunk so it wasn’t fair to take my shock out on you.”

He falls quiet, and Arthur plays with his mug.

“So, are you willing to try again?” he asks, still looking down.

“Yeah,” Merlin says, looking up from under his lashes, voice almost intentionally quiet.

Arthur Pendragon is now in a relationship with Merlin Emrys.

Tags: *c:weepingwillow9, c:arthur, c:merlin, c:morgana, p:arthur/merlin, pt 025:facebook, rating:r, type:drabble

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