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House of Avalon (Part )1

Author: sidhe_faerie
Title: House of Avalon (Part )1
Rating: M
Pairing/s: Uther/Ygraine, Gaius/Alice
Character/s: Balinor, Vivienne, Nimueh, Sir Kay, Sir Maxwell, Golois
Summary: The brothel known as the House of Avalon holds the secrets of Camelot.
Warnings: sex, prostitution, character death
Word Count: 282
Prompt: 419 Bingo Round 2, "Ygraine"
Author's Notes: July 2020 Bingo Mini Fic

Part 1
Ygraine wasn't a silly woman. She knew there were things going on in Camelot that Uther never told her about. One of those things was the brothel in the lower town. She knew Uther and his knights made use of it on occasion but she dared not say a word.

The House of Avalon was unusual for a brothel. The women there were not just unfortunate but many practiced magick as well. Uther allowed them to stay as long as they accommodated him and his knights free of charge.

At the moment, Ygraine was waiting for Uther to return from his night of debauchery.  It was nearly dawn when she heard the door to their bedroom open. 

"Uther? Is that you?"

"Yes.  Uther pulled his boots off and the bed sagged as he sat down. "I'm full of spirits and I don't want to hear your complaining, woman."

"I haven't … " Ygraine decided it was time to break her silence. "Why do you go to that place? Am I not enough for you? Must you seek the company of harlots to fulfill your needs."

Uther grunted as he slipped between the covers.

"Uther, please talk to me." She turned over only to find his back was toward her. "This can't go on. I implore you. Please stop this!"

Ygraine was answered by a drunken snore. She got out of bed and went to sit at the window to watch the dawn.

It would be noon before Uther got out of bed. That gave Ygraine time to think and plan. First, she must decide if saving her marriage was something she wanted, then she had to make a plan to do just that.
Tags: *c:sidhe_faerie, pt 419:bingo-round 2, rating:nc-17, type:drabble

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