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03 August 2020 @ 03:01 am
House of Avalon (Part 51  
Author: sidhe_faerie
Title: House of Avalon (Part 51
Rating: M
Pairing/s: Uther/Ygraine, Gaius/Alice
Character/s: Balinor, Vivienne, Nimueh, Sir Kay, Sir Maxwell, Golois
Summary: The brothel known as the House of Avalon holds the secrets of Camelot.
Warnings: sex, prostitution, character death
Word Count:
Prompt: 419 Bingo Round 2, Let Me In
Author's Notes: July 2020 Bingo Mini Fic

Part 5
Ygraine had finally made a plan all that was left to do was to carry it out. She borrowed a cloak from one of the kitchen maids. The last thing she needed was to be recognized going to the one place that caused most of her troubles.

Ygraine pulled the hood low on the worn cloak and hurried down the dirt road to a large house at the edge of the city. She looked around as she approached to see if she was seen. She was relieved to see no one in the area.

She pounded on the heavy front door and waited.

Nimueh was just coming from the kitchen when she heard someone at the door. She went to the door and looked out of the peephole. All she could see was a well worn hooded cloak.

Nimueh sighed as she opened the door.  "We have no more rooms here. You'll have to take yourself someplace else."

Ygraine looked up. "Let me in. We need to talk."

Nimueh hesitated. "My Lady, this isn't the right kind of place for you."

"But it is for my husband and his men?" Ygraine looked the other woman in the eye. "In a fortnight when my husband returns from patrol, he will be stinking drunk and grunting on one of your….. employees. I think I have a right to see where he does his debauchery."

Nimueh nodded. "Come in." She stood aside to let the queen pass. "There is something we should discuss."

"Let me guess… he has a bastard you want to be paid for." Ygraine looked around at the fine furnishings. "Very grand. Nearly as grand as the castle itself."

"Uther has no bastards yet but he has requested that one of my … employees act as a surrogate. He wishes for her to bear him a son which he will raise with you." Nimueh told her.

"Sounds like my selfish husband. He has longed for a son and I have yet to bear one or any child for that matter." Ygraine put her hands over her stomach and sighed.

"We have not made the final agreement on it. I can tell him that he cannot be accommodated if that is your wish." Nimueh offered

"No." Ygraine shook her head. "He is the King. You cannot deny him. But that doesn't mean you should not ask a very high price for this arrangement."

"I agree with your thinking. What price would you recommend?"

"A thousand gold sovereigns and a good marriage for the woman involved." Ygraine nodded. "That should make him think twice." 

Nimueh nodded. "I will ask for that and tell him it's non negotiable. Come have tea with me. We will talk of other things. The water should be heated by now."

"Thank you." Ygraine followed Nimueh to the kitchen.
archaeologist_darchaeologist_d on August 6th, 2020 02:38 pm (UTC)
Ygraine is a good negotiator. Sounds like they are going to team up.