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House of Avalon (Part 13)

Author: sidhe_faerie
Title: House of Avalon (Part 13)
Rating: M
Pairing/s: Uther/Ygraine, Gaius/Alice
Character/s: Balinor, Vivienne, Nimueh, Sir Kay, Sir Maxwell, Golois
Summary: The brothel known as the House of Avalon holds the secrets of Camelot.
Warnings: sex, prostitution, character death
Word Count:
Prompt: 419 Bingo Round 2, breathe
Author's Notes: July 2020 Bingo Mini Fic

Part 13
Ygraine entered her chambers and doubled over. She had been having contractions since she went to visit Vivienne. Her maid took one look at her and ran out the door to fetch Gaius and the midwife.

Ygraine made it to the bed and sat down. She took a deep breath and tried to relax as the pain subsided. There was a rush of water down her legs.

Gaius was the first to arrive. "My Lady, are the pains close?"

Ygraine nodded. "I'm afraid."

"Don't be my lady. You must breathe." Gaius saw the fluid on the floor. "Looks like I'm right on time."

Ygraine's maid came back in with towels and a bucket of hot water.

"Help her take off her dress." Gaius said to the maid. "Then I will examine you My Lady." He looked around. "Where's the midwife?"

"Not coming. She has been called to a farm north of Camelot. Twins, I think." The maid helped Ygraine take off her dress and into a clean night gown then helped her into bed.

Gaius examined her and smiled. "Looks like you are ready to push. When you feel the next pain push as hard as you can."

An hour and a half later, Ygraine held her son in her arms. She was tired but happy.

Gaius pulled the maid aside. "Keep an eye on her. I need to tell the King he has an heir."

The maid nodded then continued to tidy the room.

Gaius went to the throne room and found Uther still sitting on the throne. "Sire?" Gaius frowned. He shook Uther gently but he still didnt wake up. "Uther!"

Sir Kay came in the room. "Stop yelling Physician! He's drunk."

Gaius checked for a pulse. "He's not drunk. He's dead."
Tags: *c:sidhe_faerie, pt 419:bingo-round 2, rating:nc-17, type:drabble

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