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House of Avalon (Part 14)

Author: sidhe_faerie
Title: House of Avalon (Part 14)
Rating: M
Pairing/s: Uther/Ygraine, Gaius/Alice
Character/s: Balinor, Vivienne, Nimueh, Sir Kay, Sir Maxwell, Golois
Summary: The brothel known as the House of Avalon holds the secrets of Camelot.
Warnings: sex, prostitution, character death
Word Count:
Prompt: 419 Bingo Round 2, Panic Attack
Author's Notes: July 2020 Bingo Mini Fic

Part 14
When word of Uther's untimely demise reached Vivienne, she started to panic. Things weren't going the way she thought that they would. Golois and Uther were dead and she had a part in it.

Vivienne sent for Nimueh to come to her at the castle. She needed help and Nimueh was the only one who had the connections to help her. She didnt think that the Queen would help her now that Uther was dead.

Twenty minutes later, Nimueh rushed through the door. "Why did you summon me? You shouldnt have asked me to come. Its dangerous for our kind right now."

"Because Uther is dead and we both know why?" Vivienne tried to get up but she fell back against the pillows. "I need to leave this place before they come for me."

"Calm yourself." Nimueh sat on the bed. "I fear it will not be you they come for. Tbe Queen knows well who fashioned those charms. I should be the one in a panic. Has the Queen shown you any animosity?"

"No. She says she thinks that we are family because our children are siblings. She gave birth a few hours ago. The physician went to tell the King and found him dead. I guess the Goddess was on your side after all."

"None of this gives me peace. I have some of the gold left. I will have to use it to leave this place before i am arrested." 

"Surely the Queen will leave you alone. She was told the consequences of using that charm and she chose to use it."

"That's my hope but I need to leave regardless. I feel magick will no longer be tolerated anymore. It's better if I leave so that things can calm down."

"What of the others?" Vivienne asked.

"Those with magick are gone. I am the only one with magick left in the house now."

The door burst open and Sir Kay stepped inside. "Nimueh, the Queen wishes a word with you." He put his hand on his sword. "Please come willingly."

Nimueh kissed Vivienne's cheek and whispered. "Don't worry."
Tags: *c:sidhe_faerie, pt 419:bingo-round 2, rating:nc-17, type:drabble

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