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Take Off Your Clothes

Author: min7girl
Title:Take Off Your Clothes
Summary:Arthur doesn't have time for foolishness, now if only this rentboy would take off his clothes.
Author's Notes: I'll finish this next week no matter what the prompt is. :)

"Yes. You'll do nicely I think." Arthur motioned the man into his living room leaving the door open. He was slighter build than the profile on-line stated, but beggars and choosers was not a game he had time for.

"Take off your clothes and stand on the coffee table. I have a deadline." Arthur commanded.

"What?" The young raven haired man paused in the entranceway for some odd reason.

Arthur really didn't need a newbie today. The agency assured him they would send over a professional. He pinched the bridge of his nose and ran the same hand through his hair as if wiping away the tension. "I said take off your clothes. And stand on the table."

Nearly running into his makeshift home workshop, Arthur found the last bits he needed for this. Low mumblings came from the other room, but Arthur ignored it to make sure everything appeared to be in order for the size and shape of the person who arrived. The ties were pre-knotted so they could slip on, cinched tight, then repositioned as he saw fit.

Arthur made his way back to main rooms carrying everything. The horror that this hired escort still had the nerve to not only be dressed but not on the table drew slow rage from within Arthur. He always made his deadlines and no shy twink with vicious cheekbones would dare to stop him now.


Get calm and then this... thing would be calm, and perhaps take off his blasted clothes already. "I don't have time to hire someone else. You're here and I need you to get undressed."

"I think there's been some misunderstanding. I'm here to ..."

Arthur cut him off. "No." He didn't have time for excuses. Seduction. Seduction worked every time 'the great Prince Pendragon' wanted to see anyone quickly out of their knickers. "Please. Just take off your clothes for me. I need to see your body so I can commit it to memory." His voice was deep enough, eyes half closed, lips pouted a little. That ought to get the guy to hurry up.

"Does this sort of thing work for you? Because honestly that reeked for chat up?" A curious playful smile crossed the twink's face. It was odd in that outgoing friendly way that meant someone was truly interested. Which couldn't happen because this rent boy should have known better than to actually try to date him. Arthur looked him up and down again.

Distraction. Stupid blue eyes, dark hair, and vicious cheekbones. No. No. No Distraction.

"I've paid for your services. I could say the moon's full in the sky and you have to agree with me, which is why I'm wondering why you're not getting with the program and removing your trousers!"

"If you would listen, you would know that you didn't pay me anything! I'm most likely in the wrong flat. I'm the tutor for..." The maybe-not-escort looked down at a small half torn paper in his hand. "Mortred?"

Arthur gasped. "Mordred's the little demon child across the hall."

"Ahhh, well then I'll be going." The now understandably nervous not-escort turned to walk away.

Arthur panicked. He'd already wasted time arranging the right kit and everything to to fit this not-rent boy. "Wait! I'll pay you. It will only take 10 minutes. I need to get you naked!"


Arthur sighed. "I'll explain as you get undressed."

Tags: *c:min7girl, p:arthur/merlin, pt 026:assumption, rating:r, type:drabble

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