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Call for artists

It can seem far away but Christmas is just around the corner! And that means your Mods are already planning something...

This year, we would like a little help from our talented artists to create the banner for our annual Holiday Exchange!

If you're interested, here are the requirements :

+ Create a banner that we can use on LJ to promote the fest (jpeg or png)

+ It must be Merlin themed with a Holiday touch (Christmassy or wintery)

+ It must be G or PG-rated

+ It can be a drawing (digital or not), a photo-manip, etc...
+ You can submit two different banners

All banners should be sent to for the 4th of November.

Then we will organize a vote to choose the winning banner that will be used for this year's fest.

If we receive only one or two banners, they will be automatically chosen.

If you have any questions please comment or email us at

cd_mods ♥

Tags: !holiday exchange fest 2020, !modpost

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