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Howdy Drabblers! :)

Hope all is well, and your minds are jumping about with ideas for our Prompt this week! I know mine is...

Anywho, because of the problems earlier in the week I did make a post asking what everyone would think of allowing our regular Drabblers and Drawblers to post without having to wait for approval! So we are going ahead with it as of right now! =)

However this means that you cannot post before sign-up's close. Sign-Up's close at 10.00 (EST) or 15.00 (GMT) on Saturday's.
If you post before this time we will be forced to delete it, and put you back on the approval needed list. Nobody wants that, certainly not us but the schedule has to be followed to keep the comm in order!

If for any reason you need to submit early, ie you're going away and won't be back to do it in the time frame - just let either me tambear13 , yenny2206 or fuckyeah know and we'll sort you out!

Any questions, comments, or concerns let us know in replies to this post!

Happy drabbling everyone!

Love Cd_Mods ♥
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