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Camelot Drabble Holiday Exchange - Reminder and posting guidelines

Hello everyone!

Just a reminder that posting for this year Holiday Exchange Fest will start on Thursday, December 24th and your story must be emailed to the mods prior to the posting date so that you could receive your recipient’s name. Email: When submitting your gift, please write your LJ user name in the subject line. We will then check your gift and reply back with your recipient's name.

Your posting date has been given to you in the comments of this post
If you have any problem posting on your assigned date, an amnesty day will be set for the 27th. You'll be able to post then!

Posting Guideline

Please use these headers when posting your entries.

Writer’s Header Artist’s Header

❄️The subject line must have a tittle and the name of your recipient.
❄️Use lj-cut when posting your drabbles/drawbles.
❄️Tag your entries with the appropriate tags- !holiday exchange fest 2020, the main pairing or character, (please do not tag all the characters mentioned in the story), rating, whether is a drabble or drawble and most importantly your contributor tag :-).

Important! Once posting starts please read and comment. These writers and artists have done amazing work for you all to enjoy and they deserve to be praised for that. We have always been proud of the participants of this community because you all support each other, is the one thing that makes the community what it is. It warms our hearts and I'm sure yours too.

As always, if you have any questions or concerns please don't hesitate to ask us.

Tags: !holiday exchange fest 2020, !modpost

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