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Author: aeris444
Character/s:Merlin, Percival, Hunith
Summary:A hangover is just your body reminding you that you’re an idiot.
Word Count:389
Author's Notes:Not betaread.

A hangover is just your body reminding you that you’re an idiot.

“I’m an idiot”, Merlin groaned. His head was aching… His whole body was aching… Even his mind was aching…

The mere movement was making his head throb even more. He didn’t even dare open his eyes.

He couldn’t remember having been that hangover… Even when he was at Uni with Gwaine, he had never ended in such a state! He was now an adult! A father even!

He had thrown up twice already and was still queasy.

How had he managed to end in such a state? It had just been an improvised party at Arthur’s… A few friends, some beers… But it was his first night out since Freya’s death since he was the only parent of Gwen. For the first time in two years, he had accepted his mother’s offer to take care of his little girl to let him have fun… And he did…

There were a few colleagues of Arthur that Merlin didn’t know at the party but they were all really fun and outgoing! Especially Percival. Merlin and he had talked a lot. They had drunk a lot, too! At one time, Gwaine had provided more alcohol. Percival had started to mix some cocktails. That’s probably when the night went out of control.

After that, everything was quite blurry in Merlin’s memory. But there was that strange feeling… Something warm and comfortable. Something that Merlin hadn’t felt for a long long time…

Merlin’s phone vibrated on the nightstand. He hesitated, not sure that he was capable of a movement right at that moment. But it could be a message from Hunith about Gwen. So Merlin slowly turned on his side and grabbed his phone. He waited a few seconds for his dizziness to pass.

The message wasn’t from Hunith but from Percival.

“Hi… Hope you’re not feeling too bad after last night. I just wanted to know if you remember everything… and whatever the answer is if you’d like to go for a coffee one day? P.”

Clearly, Merlin didn’t remember anything past his third cocktail… But he was eager to know what happened… And seeing Percival again would be more than pleasurable.

“I’m dying and can’t remember anything past my third margarita...But ok for a coffee. I’ll call you later.”

Tags: *c:aeris444, c:hunith, c:merlin, c:percival, pt 440:hangover, rating:pg, type:drabble

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