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For Merlin and For Magic

Author: inspired_being
Title: For Merlin and For Magic
Rating: G
Pairing/s: Arthur/Gwen
Character/s: Arthur, Merlin, Gaius, Hunith (with mentions of others)
Summary: Arthur makes things official.
Warnings: None
Word Count: 1211 (oops)
Prompt: #27 Tattoo
Author's Notes: The last instalment in the Seen and Hidden ‘verse! And I did get a little carried away… I hope you’ll forgive me. I wanted to do this justice. Thanks to everyone who has followed from the start, I hope you enjoyed it. FYI, all the drabbles are linked at the first drabble (link above). Now I can start watching Season 5 xD

Arthur and the Knights spent the entire afternoon in the clearing with Kilgharrah and Merlin. The newer knights had many questions and both Merlin and Kilgharrah answered them as best they could. Some things were harder to explain than others.

Merlin used his magic to gather wood and to light a fire for cooking the food Gwaine had brought for lunch. Merlin felt a great sense of freedom at being able to do this, but although Kilgharrah was amused by the reactions of the other men, he warned Merlin to go easy on them to begin with.

Leon did warm to the idea of Merlin’s magic. He had been just as friendly with Merlin as all the other knights before his magic had been revealed and although he seemed to see that magic was the only thing Merlin had kept from them, he still seemed cautious about it all. Merlin supposed he was just doing his job; protecting the King.


Back at the castle, Merlin’s words about being his Magic Advisor kept playing through Arthur’s mind. That’s not official yet.

The King was relaxing in a bath Merlin had drawn up for him, using magic to get the temperature just right (apparently Merlin had practiced that one since the time he had made the water boiling hot). Having Merlin stay on as his manservant wouldn’t be so bad… Part time roles? Arthur let the idea roll around in his mind. Merlin did seem a bit reluctant to give up the post he had filled for many years. Too many than Arthur dared to count.

Even without the large part of Merlin Arthur had been missing, their bond had still been extraordinarily close for a master and servant relationship. At a distance, someone may not have seen the bond they shared, but it was there. It had been there from the beginning and had grown into a very close friendship. It was all built on trust. Trust was what had allowed Arthur to accept Merlin’s magic without much question (although having witnessed Merlin’s memories and feelings helped too).

Merlin was like a tattoo on Arthur’s heart, like his scars lay like tattoos on his body.

As Arthur traced the newer sections of scarred skin, he thought of how Merlin’s new role would be defined and how best to make it his official title.


During the week that followed, Arthur began planning. He decided to make it a surprise, so he made sure that Merlin was too busy to notice the hustle and bustle around the rest of the castle and the surrounding town. He even enlisted the help of Gaius, who was all too happy to oblige.

Of course Merlin being Merlin noticed the change in his friends’ behaviour. They tried hard, but there were a few too many things out of the ordinary. He had to ask.

“Gaius, what is Arthur planning?”

Gaius put on his best confused face, which included the raised eyebrow and replied with, “I didn’t know Arthur was planning anything. But if you say he is, he must be since you spend more time with him than I do. I am only the court physician after all. Arthur does not confide in me like Uther did. I believe that is your role now.”

“Right,” Merlin said, now knowing something was definitely going on and he wasn’t supposed to know about it. He thought of trying Gwen, but he thought she would play the innocent card almost as well as Gaius. So he was stuck with waiting for the secret to be revealed.


He only had to wait a few more days until he woke up and found a particularly official looking outfit laid out on the foot of his bed. The clothes were new.

They consisted of dark pants not unlike the ones he usually wears, though as he put them on he noted they are more comfortable and less baggy. The shirt was dressier. It reminded Merlin of the outfit Arthur had made him wear to the first banquet he had served at, although this one was blue and instead of the golden Pendragon crest being predominant across the chest, it was smaller and to the left so it would sit over his heart. There was a small cape to go over the shirt as well. It had a blue exterior while the lining was the royal red, which showed when the collar was turned down. His boots had even been polished.

When he went down to have breakfast with Gaius, he didn’t find his mentor. Instead, there was a plate of food left on the table and a note.

Don’t get your new outfit dirty.
The King said you are to take the morning off.
Meet me on the castles front steps mid-morning.


There were people everywhere, but when Gaius rode into the courtyard, he was hard to miss. To Merlin’s surprise, another horse followed close behind Gaius’ and the rider’s face was beaming up at him.

Merlin sprinted down the steps and practically leapt into his mother’s embrace. “I’m so proud of you,” Hunith told her son as she hugged him tight.

Soon, Gaius was leading them to the Great Hall and although Merlin now had an idea what this all might be about, he was still overwhelmed.

Gaius opened the doors to reveal a sea of people and Arthur standing at the front of the room, with Gwen by his side. Even the Knights were standing in a line to one side, facing him. Merlin looked at his mother and then to Gaius. “Well, go on. You don’t want to keep the King waiting.”

Merlin walked towards Arthur, down the aisle between all the people of Camelot who had gathered together. Once he reached the King, Arthur motioned for him to stand on his right hand side, as Gwen was on his left. Then Arthur started to speak.

“Today, I have gathered you here to announce a change to Camelot. Our previous King, my father, outlawed magic in this Kingdom because of a belief that it was inherently evil and only bad came from it.

I have seen my fair share of magic and there is a lot I do not understand, but I know that it is not all evil. That it can be used for good.” He made a point at looking at Merlin as he said this before continuing.

“Today I wish to announce the start of a new Camelot. A Camelot where I hope those who practice magic for good can live among us in peace. To help me make this possible I have created a new position within the Court. Magic Advisor to the King. And the position will be filled by the man standing by my side, Merlin. A highly accomplished warlock who has already saved my life more than I know.” Arthur took a step back and presented Merlin to the crowd with a gesture of his arms.

Gwaine was the first to start clapping, with the rest of the Knight’s following and then soon the crowd.

There was a cry from the crowd, “For Merlin and for magic!” Arthur smiled and repeated it, with the crowd responding in kind.

“For Merlin and for magic!”

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