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Author: bunnysworld
Title: Calm
Rating: NC17
Pairing: Merlin/Arthur
Warnings: none
Word count: 218
Prompt: Ring
Summary: Under Merlin’s lead, Arthur is going to do something he’s never done before
Author’s notes: Not beta’d. Yay! What else is new

Arthur closed his eyes and bowed his head. As much as he loved playing with Merlin, the feel of the leather harness against his naked skin, the moment Merlin fastened the collar around his neck, he was a bit scared. Excited, but scared. He tried to shove the ‘what if someone who knows me sees me like that?’ and the ‘will anyone look at me at all?’ out of his mind and sink deeper into the feeling of safety and the knowledge that Merlin would be there to catch him.

Nobody who knew him outside of this would figure he could do this. But he had to be in charge for the bigger part of his life, had responsibility beyond his age. It had felt so liberating when Merlin had shown him this side, that he could let go, that he could trust him. For once, he received orders and was punished for not following them. And yet, even through punishment, Merlin was there to guide him and care for him.

“Are you ready?” He felt Merlin’s hoarse whisper next to his ear and shivered.

He nodded slightly. “Yes, Master.”

A small smile tugged at the corners of his lips when Merlin fastened the leash to the ring on the collar and led him out into the club.
Tags: *c:bunnysworld, c:arthur, c:merlin, p:arthur/merlin, pt 463:ring, rating:nc-17, type:drabble

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