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Love Me Love My Scars

Title: Love Me Love My Scars
Pairing/s:Morgana /Morgause
Character/s:Morgana /Morgause
Summary: Morgause heals her sister’s scars.
Warnings: Implied incest and femslash, nothing too graphic, AU, Un-beta’d
Word Count: 160
Prompt:#3 scar
Author's Notes: I added a few things.

My sister sighs and stretches in my arms. She stretches much like my cat. my familiar after she has been pleasured by drinking sweet cream, but it is no sweet cream that pleasures my sister. No, it is I. I am the one that makes her sigh, the sigh of a woman that has been well loved.


She has scars, oh no, none that mar her perfect silken skin, for these scars are inside, on her heart and soul. For would they be outside although I would love her still, she would be hideous. That is why I make love to her because with each moan of pleasure brings forth another scar of ridicule, abandonment, chastisement and hatred from our father, our brother.


Would she still want me, need me, were it not for these scars. That is a question that I cannot answer so perhaps I need her to have these scars because they make her sexy; they make her mine.
Tags: *c:hogwartsvixxxen, p:morgana/morgause, pt 003:scars, rating:r, type:drabble

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