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Be All Right

Author: kayson135
Title: Be All Right
Rating: G
Pairing/s: implied Arthur/Gwen
Character/s: Gwen, Merlin
Summary: “Merlin,” Gwen said quietly, “I saw you.”
Warnings: Maybe slight spoilers for end of series 4.
Word Count: 636
Prompt: Misunderstanding
Author's Notes: This bunny bit me in the weirdest of places and just kept begging to be written! Don't know if I'm particularly happy with it but the bunny kept on biting. I hardly ever write in the canon 'verse so I'm sorry if it seems too ooc!

“Merlin!” Gwen gasped, making Merlin spin around quickly, hands flying behind his back. A huge, nervous grin spread across his face as his eyes widened in a way that wasn’t fooling anyone into thinking he was innocent. 

“Gwen!” Merlin cried, smiling in a way that would have been sweet looking if he wasn’t scrambling about like a deranged squirrel. 

“I saw you,” Gwen said, walking closer and trying to peek at what Merlin was concealing. 

“No,” Merlin said, shaking his head and still forcing that frighteningly not-so-innocent smile. Gwen wondered if he really managed to fool Arthur with that smile or if Arthur just humoured him.

“Merlin,” Gwen said quietly, “I saw you.”

“Saw what?” Merlin asked, backing up towards the window with that creepy but cute smile still on his face. Gwen thought for one terrifying moment that Merlin might jump out of the window to get away from her. 

“The magic,” Gwen replied, looking at Merlin a little sadly.

“No, no magic here!” Merlin said quickly. “I think you must have made a mistake.”

Gwen looked at him disbelievingly. “I’m not stupid, Merlin. I know what I saw.”

Merlin looked at her fearfully and Gwen felt her heart sink, she much preferred his demented smile. 

“Are you going to kill me?” Merlin asked flatly, all traces of her joking, happy friend gone. He seemed to interpret her silence as anger and said quickly, “You’ll have to, you know. I’m never going to leave Camelot. Arthur and I…we have a destiny and I’m going to protect him, even if it means dying for what is right.”

Gwen’s mouth twitched at the defiance in Merlin’s voice and she shook her head. “Don’t be silly.”

“I’m not leaving,” Merlin repeated. “My lady—“

“Merlin, I’m still your friend,” Gwen interrupted, frowning at Merlin’s sudden formality. “I think Arthur should know.” At the look of horror on his face she hastened to assure him, “I’m not going to tell him, it’s not my secret.”

Merlin nodded, suddenly looking exhausted and making Gwen want to pull him into a hug. For all that she was busy with affairs of state and the duties of a queen; Merlin was still a very good friend. 

“I think you do him an injustice, keeping this from him,” Gwen said quietly, trying to catch Merlin’s eye and offer him a smile. 

“He’ll be furious,” Merlin replied, dropping his hands and tossing the small phial of green liquid that he had been hiding behind his back onto the table.

Gwen watched, wondering what would have happened if she hadn’t walked in to see Merlin making objects float over to him while he worked on a potion for Gaius. He probably never would have told her. The thought made her feel sick.

“He’s your friend,” Gwen reminded him. She knew how true it was, how much her husband cared for his manservant, and she could tell by the small, disbelieving snort that hid Merlin’s smile, that Merlin also knew it to be true. 

“He’s still going to hate me,” Merlin said, the exhausted look still on his face. “He’ll think I’ve lied to him.”

“Well,” Gwen said, looking thoughtful, “he’s never asked you, has he? I know you’ve been accused of magic before but I don’t think Arthur ever actually asked.”

“No,” Merlin said slowly, a small smile creeping over his face, “I suppose he never did. He just assumed I was too much of an idiot.”

Gwen laughed. “Then I suppose you can claim it was all a simple misunderstanding.”

Merlin chuckled and Gwen felt hope swell in her chest when Merlin turned a true smile her way. He excused himself, saying he needed to run an errand and find Arthur. Watching him go, she knew in her heart everything would be all right. 
Tags: *c:kayson135, c:gwen, c:merlin, p:arthur/gwen, pt 029:misunderstanding, rating:g, type:drabble

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