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Scar For Me

Title: Scar For Me
Rating:Hard R
Pairing/s: Lancelot/Merlin Arthur/Merlin
Character/s:Lancelot, Arthur, Merlin
Summary:Merlin becomes Lancelot’s sex slave in order to keep his relationship with Arthur a secret
Warnings: Un-beta’d, implied bondage, cutting, whipping, dub-con, hints of D/s
Word Count: 307
Prompt:#3 scar
Author's Notes: This is very dark, A plot bunny with razor sharp teeth bit me.

Merlin winces as the tip of the sword cuts into his whip-lashed heated skin, and he repeats the phrase that he repeated dozens of time. “You scar me; I am yours, Sir”


The knight lets his sword fall heavily with a clank as he spits in his hand and strokes his cock before taking Merlin roughly crudely. Merlin closes his eyes. A bed with a silken duvet. A dragon is on it covered mostly by his Princes’ body. His Prince beckons come, and Merlin goes to him. Just as his Prince takes his hand… the knight finishes and Merlin slacks on the St. Andrews Cross.
Merlin is released “Go to our Prince now, but cover your scars with a spell,” Lancelot spats.


Merlin stops to take a bath, tonight, tonight was bad. Lancelot had used his “special whip”, No one knows of the scars, save he and Lancelot. The price for being caught kissing Arthur. Lancelot had threatened to tell Uther about them, had threatened to tell Uther that Giaus knows Merlin is a wizard.

Merlin doesn’t care for himself, but there’s no telling what Uther would do to Arthur and Giaus so he continues to see Lancelot, continues to be spell Arthur so all he sees feels is Merlin’s perfect skin, continues to use Giaus’ healing balm with a healing spell to allow Lancelot to make fresh welts and cuts.

After his bath he applies the balm says the spell and leaves to go to Arthur.


Arthur knows that there is something wrong with Merlin. Tonight he makes love to him slowly, carefully. It feels like the first time. The time Lancelot caught him kissing Arthur in the entrance way to the royal bed chamber. Merlin can’t help it, he cries, his concentration is gone, and the magic wall crumbles, and Arthur sees
Tags: *c:hogwartsvixxxen, p:arthur/merlin, p:lancelot/merlin, pt 003:scars, rating:r, type:drabble

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