April 4th, 2012

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Have you ever felt the need to help out a fellow writer/artist? Do you just have a lot of ideas building up and no time to write? If that's the case, than you should…Donate-A-Prompt!!

Why are we asking you to donate a prompt? Well, because we will have a "Adopt-A- Prompt" from this post, where writer's/artirt's will choose one of your prompts.

Sounds intresting, huh?

People looking to donate a prompt should be aware that there are certain guidelines that you must follow when posting your prompt. First and foremost; please remember to keep one prompt to a comment – you can post as many prompts as you want. When posting a prompt,it could be a one word prompt, a phrase, art, drawing, picture, quote or song. Finally, please realize, every prompt will not be adopted!

If you have any questions, please resist the temptation to post them on this post. Instead email us at camelotdrabble@gmail.com with "Donate/Adopt-A-Prompt" in the subject line. Thanks!