June 9th, 2012

God's Winter Wonderland

In Dreams II

Author: hogwartsvixxxen
Title:In Dreams II
Character/s:Arthur Merlin
Summary:Merlin goes to tell Arthur about his magic
Warnings: unbeta'd
Word Count:400
Prompt:10 Tangled
Author's Notes:In Dreams In Dreams II wasn’t suppose to be written like this. I had wanted a different outcome. After all this was suppose to be written for last weeks prompt tears, but I ran out of time and besides Arthur wanted this outcome.

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Unmentionable Mess

Author: min7girl
Title:Unmentionable Mess
Character/s:Arthur, Merlin, OC(s)
Summary:Merlin takes Bethany bra shopping. Disaster can only come of this. Same verse as The Talk,  Grown Up  , and What I Was, I Still do
Warnings:N/a at the moment
Word Count:460
Author's Notes:Hugs to Arthur and Merlin!daddies everywhere.

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Author: sidhe_faerie
Rating: R
Pairing/s: Arthur/Gwen
Character/s: Knights of Camelot, Merlin
Summary: The Queen is not happy about being made to worry when the King is late coming back from patrol.
Warnings: none
Word Count: 430
Prompt: Prompt 10 Tangled
Author's Notes: I just had to write this.

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vintage kiss

Silliness doesn't deserve a title.

Author: rufflefeather
Title: Silliness doesn't deserve a title. 
Rating: PG-13
Pairing/s: Arthur/Merlin
Character/s: Arthur, Merlin, Kilgharrah, a tower and a white steed. 
Summary: Merlin looks for his damsel, Arthur waits for his knight.
Warnings: Unbetad crack, bad crack, really really terrible crack, no really.
Word Count: 800
Prompt: Tangled!
Author's Notes: This is really unoriginal. I am unapologetic. 

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Sign up's are now closed for prompt#10 Tangled!

Particapants have until Tuesday, June 12 at 21.00 (EST) to submit their drabble and/or art! 

You are welcome to post, as soon as sign-up's close, if you are done! :) 

Looking forward to reading all the fantastic drabbles, and seeing any of the lovely artwork produced by this lovely, magical [ fairy-tale :p] prompt! 

Just in case we missed anyone, we are human, but hopefully we didn't - if you don't see your name on the list below, please drop us a comment and you will be added! 

Have fun writing everyone! 

cd_mods  ♥
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Author: bunnysworld
Title: Tangled
Rating: PG
Pairing(s): Merlin/Arthur
Summary: The boys are going to a party
Warnings: Silliness? Fluff? Crack? You decide
Word Count: 163
Prompt: tangled
Author's Notes: Don’t know where this came from, I didn’t even see the movie yet. But it was there and it wanted to be written. As always, thanks to tambear13 for the beta!

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Author: fuckyeah
Title: Tangled
Rating: PG (just for a word and suggestive themes)
Pairing/s: ?/?
Character/s: ?? (mentions of Merlin and Arthur)
Summary: And yet there they were, suddenly forced into the dark and on top of one another, unable to fully control themselves.
Prompt: Tangled
Author's Notes: This might be a bit of a stretch (and is just silly), but it's immediately what came to mind, haha!

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Author: weepingwillow9
Title: Toes
Rating: G
Pairing/s: Arthur/Merlin/Lancelot/Gwaine
Character/s: Merlin, Galahad(OC) with a little bit of Arthur, Gwaine, Lancelot too
Summary: Galahad can't sleep
Warnings: (as per usual) Menage a quatre, people!
Word Count: 632
Prompt: Tangled
Author's Notes: So, after having no inspiration whatsoever for this, I've somehow ended up with three drabbles, whoops... This is number one and the first I wrote, and it's all fluffy

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black squid

Camelot Drabble: A Sticky Situation

Author: jelazakazone
Title: A Sticky Situation
Rating: PG (for language)
Character/s: Arthur, Merlin (a magical talking horse), Gwaine, Rumplestiltskin, The Evil Queen
Summary:Arthur finds himself in a sticky situation
Warnings:Arthur makes a fishy deal, there is a lot of hair here, and crack crack crack.
Word Count: about 900
Prompt: #10: tangled
Author's Notes: I’ve been wanting to write a Tangled/Merlin crossover with Gwaine as Rapunzel for a few months, so when this prompt came up, I could not resist. To make it even crackier, I have added some characters from Once Upon A Time as well. This ends on a cliffhanger, but I should be able to finish this and post it in a few days. You can find the whole story on LJ here or on AO3 here. Thanks to sidhe_faerie for cheerleading and looking this over, briefly. I didn’t give her much time.

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Author: weepingwillow9
Title: Knots
Rating: R
Pairing/s: Morgana/Elaine(OC)
Character/s: Morgana, Elaine
Summary: In which things don't go to plan
Warnings: References to bondage
Word Count: 200 - oh look, a double drabble
Prompt: Tangled
Author's Notes: And then I went and decided that what I really needed was to ignore the fic I was supposed to be writing and write some crack, so, here it is (one more to come, sorry for the overload)

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