December 3rd, 2013


Last chance (Momo 11)

Author: amarie_authiel
Title: Last chance (Momo 11).
Rating: PG-17 (to be safe)
Character/s: Will, Merlin, Arthur. Mentions Ag(g)ravaine, Morgana and Mordred.
Summary: Arthur is not happy. Merlin is not happy. And what has Aggravaine got to do with this?
Warnings: To be on the safe side: Mentions age difference and a wishful, morally dubious (at best) relationship. And Will's poor humor.
Word Count: ~750
Prompt: #86 Autumn
Author's Notes: I hope this hangs together. (Edit: How do you get the time to not only write but also have it beta'd? You lucky lucky people...)

Part 1: Momo
Part 2: Observation
Part 3: Revelation
Part 4: The Hunter
Part 5: The Thief
Part 6: Face to face
Part 7: Retreat and regroup
Part 8: To bare your soul or to sell it
Part 9: So here we are
Part 10: I go la la la

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Author: clea2011
Title: Breakout
Rating: NC-17
Pairing/s: Arthur/Merlin
Character/s: (In this section) Gwaine, Leon, Gwen, Merlin, Arthur, Uther, Agravaine, Morgana
Summary: Uther learns of Arthur's escape
Warnings: Omegaverse
Word Count: 2122 (but in my defence, the prompt is the first scene and that is 750 words and well within the word count... I added a second scene because I'd like this thing finished soon)
Prompt: 86 Autumn
Author's Notes: Not betaed as I barely made the deadline. This is the next part of 'His' and 'The Cold Light of Morning'

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