January 20th, 2014

Merthur Sad


Author: Loopstagirl
Title: Consequences
Rating: PG-13
Pairing/s: Merlin/Arthur (if you want)
Character/s: Arthur, Merlin,
Summary: Arthur hadn't yet spoken about Merlin's magic.
Word Count: 1000
Prompt: Reconciliation
Author's Notes: 2 weeks in a row!! WHOO!!

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colin morgan
  • osky291

Art: Reconciliation

Title: Reconciliation
Rating: G
Pairing: canon
Character/s: Merlin, Gwen
Media: Pencil sketch
Warnings: Erm. None.
Prompt: Reconciliation
Artist’s Notes: So I'm going to put this out here before I lose my nerve and change my mind because a)I'm no artist, this is probably the first and last drawble I'm going to post and b)This looks nothing like what I had in my head. Anyway.

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The first tiny step

Author: aeris444
Title: The first tiny step
Rating: PG
Pairing/s: None yet
Character/s: Arthur, Merlin
Summary: Arthur wants to spend some time with Merlin
Warnings: mention of sexual slavery
Word Count: 1037
Prompt: #92 Reconciliation
Author's Notes: Thanks to derenai for the beta! Another part of my serie : "My Special One" .

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