March 8th, 2014

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cd_mods ♥
colin morgan

Art: Cosplay

Title: Cosplay
Rating: G
Pairing: A/M...?
Character/s: Merlin, Arthur(only hands are visible)
Media: Pencil sketch
Warnings: -
Prompt: Crossover
Artist’s Notes: Modern!AU Merlin cosplaying as Harry Potter counts as a crossover right? This is for a friend who has been working too hard recently. And also, some warm-up for the Art-fest.

Collapse )

New Endeavors

Author: sidhe_faerie
Title: New Endeavors
Rating: G
Pairing/s: Arthur/Gwen, Merlin/Morgana, Leon/Mithian, Percival/Vivian, Elyan/Adara
Character/s: Gwaine, ???
Summary: Lancelot gets his first assignment across the pond and Merlin gets a visitor.
Warnings: previous death mentioned
Word Count: 702
Prompt: 99 Crossover
Author's Notes: Don’t kill me for this one.
Modern Camelot (Modern AU Series 1) ||| King Of Britain (Modern AU Series 2)

Collapse )

Merlin's Not the Only One With a Destiny

Author: brunettepet
Title: Merlin's Not the Only One With a Destiny
Rating: G
Pairing/s: None
Character/s: Merlin
Summary: Merlin is pulled to him every time
Warnings: None
Word Count: 231
Prompt: 99, Crossover
Author's Notes: I obviously have no imaginations at all

Merlin pulls up short, heart racing, eyes fixed on the man sorting books. Seeing this familiar, hated face has him in fight or flight mode even centuries removed from the acts that prompted the response.Collapse )