April 20th, 2014


When The English Give You Lemons…Make Tea

Author: sidhe_faerie
Title: When The English Give You Lemons…Make Tea
Rating: PG
Characters /Pairing/s: Arthur/Gwen, Merlin/Morgana, Leon/Mithian, Elyan
Summary: The War between England and Britain continues but things aren’t going the way they were planned.
Warnings: none
Word Count: 806
Prompt: 105 sour
Author's Notes: First prompt of “The Golden Kingdom”
Modern Camelot (Modern AU Series 1) ||| King Of Britain (Modern AU Series 2) ||| The Golden Kingdom (Modern AU Series 3)

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Et Oculus Tempestas

Author: agirlnamedtruth
Title: Et Oculus Tempestas
Rating: PG13
Pairing/s: Nimueh/Uther (background mentions of Nimueh/Ygraine and Uther/Ygraine)
Character/s: Nimueh, Uther.
Summary: Nimueh wants to stop fighting, just for one night.
Warnings: Recent canonical character death, grieving, angst.
Word Count: 385
Prompt: #105 - Sour
Author's Notes: Can be read as part of my Strength In Numbers 'verse or alone.

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