December 17th, 2015

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Important Modly Post


We have 24 participants on this year Holiday Exchange Fic! Like last year, we are going to spread out the posting dates. Therefore, we'll have 3 posting dates- Saturday December 26th, Sunday December 27th and Monday December 28th! With this new posting dates we'll have 8 posts a day.

However, those who already finished their story, posting dates will be December 26th.

Important! Please leave a comment on this post-comment will be screened, with your desire posting date. Please keep in mind that those who comment first will get their desire date. Once your comment is made, we'll confirm and add your date to our spreadsheet :)

Note:Also, we will still need to see your story and/or art before providing the recipient names.

As always thank you for being part of this community.

♥ cd_mods
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Holiday Exchage Fest posting format

Please use this posting format is below for our Holiday Exchange Fest.

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