October 31st, 2016

In the Chaos of Battle

Author: afleur_de_lis
Title: In the Chaos of Battle
Rating: General audiences
Pairing/s: N/A
Character/s: Merlin, Gwaine and Arthur
Summary: In the chaos of battle, Camelot loses one of its own. However, it is also in the chaos of battle that difficult decisions have to be made in order to save a life.
Warnings: N/A
Word Count: 425
Prompt: Chaos
Author's Notes: This is a little scene that was inspired by a far larger work. One of my series for Merlin is centred on Arthur's loss of his kingdom, and his fight to get it back. This little story is set during the worst of the battle when Camelot is at its weakest, and is centred on Gwaine and Merlin's friendship and their undying loyalty. I will be coming along shortly with a better version of this snippet and will consider it a side story to the much larger novel.

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