December 27th, 2017

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Holiday Exchange Fest 2017 Masterlist!

Thank you all for taking part on our sixth Holiday Exchange Fest. Every time we do this fest I'm in awed of all the positive response. This year, as the years before we have many great stories and beautiful pieces of art. A massive thanks to all the writers, artist, lookers, readers and commentators for being part of this community. Our motto is -you are all the heart and soul of the community. We couldn't express how thankful, privileged and grateful to each and everyone of you we are. I honestly couldn't imagine how amazing this community would have become when it was created. Six years and I’m honestly still in awed.

Here to another successful year!!

This community runs the way it does because I relied on my wonderful co-mods. Special thanks to our Wednesday mod, candream, who does our masterlist, to our Friday mod,digthewriter, who does all the signs up, as well as our AO3 things. They keep things in order when I am not around.

There are many things that we want to accomplish with the community in the upcoming year.We are always looking for things that interests you and that are fun/challenging to do.

Also, there’s an AO3 Holiday Exchange Fest 2017 Collection if you wish to post your work on AO3.

The masterlist for this year Holiday Exchange Fest is below, don’t forget to read and comment on the wonderful entries.

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New AO3 Mod / Co-Mod Needed

Unfortunately, our AO3 mod is stepping down. Therefore, we are currently looking for someone to fill in the AO3 Mod position. Past experience dealing with AO3 is preferred, but we’ will be able to take anyone who is willing to learn through a step by step of the process.

If you're interested, please fill out the following form in a comment in this entry:

Name: (LJ name if applicable)
AO3 account name:
Have you had any experience making collections for AO3 before?:
Have you had any experience being a MOD? If so which communities have you MOD before?:

We will announce the new AO3 mod shortly after reviewing the applicants.


Thank you!

♥ cd_mods