July 29th, 2019


Pendragon at Sea, part 1

Author: shadowspun
Title: Pendragon at Sea, part 1
Rating: PG
Characters: Arthur, OCs
Summary: Arthur goes on a three-hour cruise while on a vacation to Hawaii.  Disaster strikes.
Warnings: drowning death of an OC
Word Count: 580
Prompt: 372, July Bingo; drowning
Author's notes: All I know about boats is what I could find with quick internet searching.  If I use terms incorrectly, please let me know so I can fix them.

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Row 1
Title/Creation: Preparation Is Key 
Prompt:  Road tri[

Title/Creation: Syncopated Hearts Part 13 
Prompt: romantic holiday

Title/Creation: Syncopated Hearts Part 2 
Prompt: falling in love

Title/Creation: Syncopated Hearts Part 12
Prompt:  forced to rely on enemy/rival

Title/Creation: Complete Control 
Prompt: mind control

Title/Creation: Syncopated Hearts Part 5 
Prompt: sharing a bed

Title/Creation: Syncopated Hearts Part 10 
Prompt: picnic

Title/Creation: Syncopated Hearts Part 7 
Prompt:  perfume/cologne

Row 3
Title/Creation:  Happy Place
Prompt: aromatherapy

Title/Creation: Syncopated Hearts Part 9 
Prompt: reading aloud

Title/Creation: Syncopated Hearts Part 3 
Prompt: 2x05/06: Beauty and the Beast

Title/Creation: Syncopated Hearts Part 8 
Prompt:  secret admirer

Row 4
Title/Creation: Syncopated Hearts Part 1 
Prompt: au: band

Title/Creation: Syncopated Hearts Part 6 
Prompt: boat ride

Title/Creation: Syncopated Hearts Part 11 
Prompt: 5x01/02: Arthur’s Bane

Title/Creation: Syncopated Hearts Part 4 
Prompt: mistaken identity

Bingo Completed: Blackout

Holiday morning

Author: aeris444
Title: Holiday morning
Rating: G
Pairing/s: Arthur/Merlin
Character/s: Merlin, Arthur
Warnings: none
Word Count: 100
Prompt: 372 - Bingo Round 1 -  Sleepy times
Author's Notes: Not betaread

Merlin woke up. He felt Arthur next to him. It felt great.

Merlin stopped moving, he wanted to enjoy the moment.

It wasn’t that often that they could enjoy a lie-in like that. Between Arthur’s work schedule that made him leave early and Merlin’s writing that kept him awake late, their sleeping schedule didn’t match.

During the weekend, it wasn’t better. They always had something to do.

When Arthur was on holiday, it was different. They enjoyed their time together...Like that morning, with the sun filtering through the blinds, their bodies still heavy with sleep, still sharing their warmth.

My friend

Author: aeris444
Title: My friend
Rating: G
Pairing/s: Leon/Arthur
Character/s: Arthur, Leon
Warnings: none
Word Count: 100
Prompt:372 - Bingo Round 1 -  Counseling
Author's Notes: Not beta-read

Leon had been a steady presence in Arthur’s life since they were children.

First as a friend, a slightly older friend that Arthur looked up to.

Then as a fellow Knight, working, training and fighting together.

As a counselor, too. Leon always provided an objective view of Arthur’s problems. Arthur went to him when he had to take an important decision and Leon was there for him.

It took many advices for Arthur to realise that Leon was perhaps more than a friend, a knight or a counsellor… To realise that Leon’s importance in his life had another, deeper meaning.


Title/Creation: Newlyweds breakfast
Link: https://camelot-drabble.livejournal.com/1515899.html
Prompt: Accidental mariage
Bingo Completed: horizontal - bottom line

Title/Creation: Making history
Link: https://camelot-drabble.livejournal.com/1517255.html
Prompt: Watching the game
Bingo Completed: horizontal - bottom line

Title/Creation: Holiday morning
Link: https://camelot-drabble.livejournal.com/1524249.html
Prompt: Sleepy times
Bingo Completed: horizontal - bottom line

Title/Creation: My friend
Link: https://camelot-drabble.livejournal.com/1524684.html
Prompt: Counseling
Bingo Completed: horizontal - bottom line

The Monsoon

Author: tygermine
Title:The Monsoon
Character/s:Morgana, Gwaine
Summary:Sometimes we are lucky enough to recognise when our lives change.
Word Count:236
Prompt:Natural Disaster
Author's Notes:I wanted to try my other favourite pair: Morgana and Gwaine

There are pivotal moments in one’s life when everything changes. Most times, we’re unlucky enough to live through them without realising the significance of them. Collapse )

Lover of the Light

Author: tygermine
Title:Lover of the Light (because it's late, I'm tired and can't be arsed to think up an original title)
Character/s:Merlin, Arthur, Gwaine
Summary:Merlin often finds himself squinting at Arthur.
Word Count:343
Author's Notes:Just go with it...

Merlin always finds himself squinting when he looks at Arthur.

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Okay, so I did a vertical this time, but Mods - did I have to write another fic for the same prompt? I was a little hazy on that. My apologies if this is wrong.

Title/Creation: Flambe Me
Link: https://camelot-drabble.livejournal.com/1516215.html
Prompt: Cooking Together
Bingo Completed: Vertical

Title/Creation: The Monsoon
Link: https://camelot-drabble.livejournal.com/1528615.html
Prompt: Natural Disaster
Bingo Completed: Vertical

Title/Creation: Broccoli
Link: https://camelot-drabble.livejournal.com/1511100.html
Prompt: Authority Figures
Bingo Completed: Vertical/Horizontal xover

Title/Creation: Lover of the Light
Link: https://camelot-drabble.livejournal.com/1529729.html
Prompt: Sunburn
Bingo Completed: Vertical