July 2nd, 2021

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July Monthly Challenge - Bingo!

Good Morning!!

Welcome to our third annual Camelot Bingo! Instead of having weekly prompts, with four days to write for each one, we are hosting a month-long Bingo Challenge! This is how it works:

1.] Sign-up! A mod will assign you a randomly generated, 5x5 card. We are doing a 5x5 card because there are five Fridays in July this year.

2.] Over the course of the month, create and post as many drabbles/drawbles as you'd like, inspired by the prompts on your card.

3.] Everyone completing a bingo will win the opportunity to choose the prompt for a week of their choice.

4.] Commenting can also mean you win! For every ten comments you leave on works posted for this year's Camelot Bingo that are not your own, you earn a free space on your bingo card. Leave enough comments, and it's entirely possibly you could complete a bingo without ever writing a fic or creating a drawble!

That's it!

Well, that's not completely it. Like any challenge, there are certain rules.

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Sign-ups begin: Friday, July 2nd
Posting begins: Saturday, July 3rd
Weekly round-ups: Wednesdays throughout July
Weekly reminders: Fridays throughout July
Deadline for requesting a card: Saturday, July 31st at 10 a.m. EST
End of Bingo: Tuesday, August 3rd

Curious about what the cards might look like? Here's a sample!

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If you have any questions, ask away! The point is to have fun and let your imagination run wild!