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Welcome to the camelot_drabble Christmas Exchange Fest.

Everyone loves to get gifts, and everyone loves to make someone happy by giving a gift! So as it’s Christmas, and such a jolly time of year full of family, friends, fun, and presents we’d thought we’d bring some Christmas cheer and good wishes to our comm as well ♥

The idea is simple; simply copy the text box and fill it out in a comment! All comments will be screened – so that we mods can pair everyone up and come Christmas you will have your gift! But shush!!! Don’t tell anyone who you’ve got – it’s going to be a Secret Santa!

  • All work must be beta’d for this Fest!

  • This is a gift exchange fest, please keep your recipient a secret! Don’t go ruining the surprize!

  • Drabbles, in our comm, are anything from 100-1000 words, however for this exchange we have decided that you may write more. The new limit for your drabbles is 2k, strictly.

  • If you are making icons, or other graphics in place of a drawble, please adhere to these rules:
    1.] There must up at least 10 icons.
    2.] In the case of a lovebar, banner, or header there must be a minimum of 3 images.
    3.] Fanvids must be at least 45 seconds long.
    4.] Fanmixes should have no fewer than 10 songs, and be accompanied by Coverart.

  • As always, your work must follow the Prompt.

  • Most importantly, have fun our little drabble Elves!

  • December 1st: Sign-Up’s open!

  • December 6th: Sign-Up’s close.

  • December 8th: You will receive the gift you will create

  • December 15th: Check in via just to let us know that everything is ticking over fine!

  • December 19th: Please let us know before this date if you are unable to complete, so that we have enough time to get a pitch-hitter so no one is left without a gift!

  • December 28th: Posting!

  • Well our Little Elves, get your thinking caps, tinsel, and fairy-lights on; and get ready to make somebodies Christmas very special! ♥
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