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Dental Dam

Author: min7girl
Title:Dental Dam
Rating:PG-13 (although it leans to the R for language)
Summary:Arthur is Merlin's student and giving his Sex Ed. teacher a very hard time.
Warnings:Talk of sex.
Word Count:1000
Author's Notes:HI!!!!

Teaching sex ed to 14-16 year old boys was not how Merlin imagined his life when he was his student's ages.

"This is a dental dam. Can anyone tell me what it's used for?" Merlin held up the thin sheath so the small class of 22 could see. He prayed a silent prayer that two of his students would not volunteer the answer to this question. One flaunted vast sexual experience, and in Merlin's expert opinion as a teacher of 18 weeks, students shut down faster when they felt they weren't equal to their peers. He needed this to be an open discussion if he made any part of what he taught them stick. Merlin gave a quick glance at Gwaine who was texting one of his many devotees no doubt and let out a partial breath of relief.

The other boy, Merlin resumed to praying silently, was a prattly smart arse that seemed to have it out for Merlin since the very first day of school. Arthur grinned back at him while raising his hand to answer.

Merlin looked around for anyone else to call on, but fate proved time and again to be an evil sack of shite. "Mr. Pendragon." He did his best to calmly call on the student he only just yesterday had a near shouting match with.

The blond cleared his throat with a smirk slowly lowering his hand back to the desk, eyes never leaving Merlin's. "A dental dam prevents pubes from going up your nose or getting stuck in your teeth when going down on someone." Laughter erupted and drowned out Arthur's followup leering sentence. "Although I'm sure a good shave would fix that problem all together."

"Partially right Mr. Pendragon." Merlin wanted to tease the boy back and tell him that if he didn't understand the basics of sex how was Merlin supposed to take any of his adolescent advances seriously. Not that Merlin would. He looked quickly through the half bored, half amused faces. No one else seemed willing to speak up. "A dental dam is your first and last line of defense orally. I know lots of porn ignores the needs for such things, but a condom only covers so much of a penis and does nothing to cover a woman. Which brings me back to the first few days of class you all remember the video."

Several loud groans of disgust went through the room along with many shifting uncomfortably in their seats. Merlin smiled to himself. "That's right. More than half of what you saw in that video can be passed orally."

"I think you should show them how it works Mr. Emrys." Gwaine called out without waiting to be called on first.

"Don't worry. I intend for you all to get first hand experience with it today." Merlin heard a few curious grumbles but everyone sat up straighter in their seats and paid that much more attention.


While the students worked with their provided piece of circular latex and tried to pick up the various pieces of candy off of their desks and place them into cups with nothing but their mouths, Merlin continued with his lesson. It was a silly but practical exercise. The kids got familiar with the feel of a product like this and less likely to be afraid of using it when they actually needed it.

"Full body inspections. If you can have sex with someone, you should be able to look them over in a well lit room. Your mouth should never come in contact with open sores or wounds accidentally, because you have already seen their entire body. If a partner is bashful or shy about this and refuses, then chances are they weren't ready to have sex with you anyway."

Merlin made the mistake of watching Arthur's tongue flick out to the plastic. Unlike the others in his class that were making themselves into right proper sexless idiots flinging candy about the room, the blond looked up at Merlin unabashedly sucking in the small treats through hollowed out cheeks. Merlin closed his eyes and spun to face away from his students. 10, 9, 8…

The counting sometimes helped with Arthur. Sometimes.

"Alright class that's enough. Tomorrow we will have a quiz on dental dams. What are they used for and what can be used safe as one." He was 5 minutes early, but they had enough play time and talking for the day anyway.


The halls finally quiet Merlin, gathered his things and made to lock the doors to his assigned room for the 2 weeks the school would be closed for Christmas.

A voice surprised him while he fiddled with the keys. "Miss me already Merlin?"

Lead by example. Show them strength and authority, and they would respect him. Be kind and understanding enough to be slightly parental but not friendly. Especially with something as dangerously annoying as Arthur. Don't stoop to his level, again.

"I don't think I've worked here long enough to miss my students. Maybe over Holiday I'll see if I can drudge up something for missing prats."

"The other teachers never talk to me the way you do." The blond tried to intimidate by closing into Merlin space.

"That's because their scared of your father." Merlin stood up to the 15 year old boy and didn't back down. Headmaster's son or not. Arthur would not walk all over him.

"You're not scared?" The boy challenged with a glint in his eyes, and maybe a little hope. Merlin couldn't be sure.

"I'm not scared of you Arthur." Merlin replied as calmly as he could, never letting his gaze leave the young boy's eyes.


By the time Merlin responded to what happened next, Arthur was running down the hall. The bravado was a lie. The leering was a lie. The attitude was all a lie. Merlin raised his hands to his lips covering them from what was obviously a boy's first kiss. It only took a fraction of a second, courage, dental dam, and a fake sprig of Mistletoe above his door.


Tags: *c:min7girl, p:arthur/merlin, pt 036:mistletoe, rating:pg-13, type:drabble

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