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Author: aly242 username
Title: Winter Wonderland
Character/s:Mithian, Vivian
Summary:Winter was never her favourite holiday.
Word Count:478
Author's Notes:First time writing. Constructive criticism welcome. I do not own any of the Merlin characters. Oh, but how i wish i could

"Achooo!" Elena rubbed at her nose, "Sorry!" She yelled at the lady who had the misfortune of passing by when Elena had sneezed. The look of disgust was becoming familiar now. "Why did I let you guys talk me into this?"

"Because it's fun." Mithian replied. Of course she would think so. She wasn't the one with the cold.

"And because it's tradition." Vivan added. That was funny coming from Vivian, the girl who despised all Christmas traditions for reasons noone was entirely sure of. Whenever someone asked she went on a long rant about it and people tended to tune her out after the first five minutes.

The tradition being the visiting of the park after its just been decorated with all its lights and ornaments with their favourite coffees from the little shop down the street that had been there since she was a girl, to discuss their Christmas plans and shopping. While Elena loved their little tradition, she hated the snow - which had started up only two days ago - because she always managed to get a cold no matter how hard he tried to avoid it. Another tradition, Vivian had so helpfully pointed out whenever she complained.

Elena was about to point out the hypocrisy of that statement when she managed to slip on a piece of ice. It was another reason to hate the snow besides the cold and damp, she thought. She was as clumsy as a newborn foal on a regular basis, she didn't need to add walking on slippery surfaces to help that out. She always managed to land a few new bruises and scratches before the season was out. 

Before she could land on her ass though, a hand shot out to help her up.

"Careful there." The man said. She looked up to say thank you but was struck silent. The man was the most gorgeous thing she had ever seen. He looked like he belonged in a pantene commercial.

"Uh..." Elena's mouth so helpfully supplied. She really need to work on her brain to mouth filter. "I mean thanks, thank you, yeah, uh. I'm Elena. Godwin. Elena Godwin." She winced. Real smooth, Elena.

"You're welcome, Elena. I'm Gwaine. Greene. Gwaine Greene." The man, Gwaine, smiled at her.

"Come on, Elena." Her friends called from up ahead where they had kept walking. The bastards.

"Well, I guess I'll see you around."

"Yeah, see you." She returned to her friends.

When she got home that night and took off her jacket, something fell out of her posket. It was Gwaine's number. "How did he do that?" She asked, but of course noone was there to answer. Oh well, she thought as she picked up the phone, I can just ask him myself.

After arranging a date for the next night, Elena thought that maybe the winter wasn't so bad after all.
Tags: c:elena, c:gwaine, c:mithian, p:elena/gwaine, pt 037:snow, rating:pg, type:drabble

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