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We Interrupt Your Holiday Exchange Fest for a message from the mods!

Hi all! We hope you're enjoying the Holiday Exchange Fest so far! We're so thankful to receive so many fantastic entries!

This post doesn't involve the fest per se, but a couple of things that are going into effect ASAP:

  • Subject lines: From now on, we're going to ask that you put something in the "Subject:" line whenever you post an entry here. You can put the title of your piece, or whatever, just some sort of text. The reason we ask this is because it creates a clickable link to your entry, which makes things easier when we go to create the master lists.

  • LJ-Cuts: Most of you are pretty good about this, but this is just a reminder to please place your pieces of work behind a lj-cut. Do not place the pre-formed header (that bit that contains the summary, rating, etc_ behind the cut--people need to see that! If you do not know how to do an lj-cut, please see this FAQ. Also, while a lj-spoiler cut works as well, a spoiler tag doesn't work on some mobile devices, so keep that in mind. (says a mod who was unable to read stories on her lunch break because they were under spoiler tags rather than a lj-cut. :P)

  • Tags: While we're pretty lax about this, please remember to tag your entries! This helps keeps things organized, as well as allows people to search for works involving a certain character and/or pairing. If there's a tag that's missing, please let us know and we will add one right away.

    (Oops, guess this does involve the fest in some way: please tag your holiday exchange fics with the tag "!holiday exchange fest 2012" :D)

  • And speaking of tags...
  • Contributor tags: Some of you have already noticed this, but once you have posted FIVE entries to the community, you are granted your own contributor tag! Hopefully over the next few days, we will be going through the old entries and making sure each entry is tagged properly. If you do not have a contributor tag and you have posted five or more times to the community, please let us know!

That's it for now! As always, if you have any questions, feel free to contact us!

CD Mods
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