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Dress of the Devil

Title: Dress of the Devil
Author: Loopstagirl
Pairing: Arthur/Cendred (kind of)
Rating: NC-17
Summary: If only he knew what Cendred wanted from him.
Warnings: implied non-con/torture
Word Count: 558
Prompt: #40 / Leather
Author's Note: Bit darker this time.

Arthur grunted, trying to shift his weight from his wrists.  It was no good though, suspended from the ceiling by iron manacles with his feet at least a foot off the ground. There was nowhere he could escape to, nothing he could do to get away from Cendred. It didn’t matter how much he had fought back, how much he cursed and promised retribution, it didn’t stop Cendred from just doing what he wanted.

Arthur knew that he would be punished for killing that guard the day before. But he had been so close, so close to being able to get out of here. It would have been better if he knew what Cendred had wanted him for, but the rival king just seemed content enough to keep the prince of Camelot as his prisoner. Arthur knew that Camelot would have been weakened by him being missing – not only was he the best fighter in the kingdom, morale would be low due to him being missing. But when they had come for him that morning, Arthur knew that he was in big trouble.

They had stripped him of what tatters were left of his clothing, snapping the manacles around his wrists before attaching them to a chain. Arthur hadn’t even been able to take a step away before he had been hoisted into the air. Before now, whenever he had been left at Cendred’s mercy, they had gagged him and bound his feet. Then again, he had never been left swinging like this before, and knew this was not going to bode well.

“Causing trouble again, my little prince?” Arthur didn’t say anything, but instead focused his attention on the wall ahead. Luckily, there was a crack in the brickwork and Arthur could make sure that his mind was fixing on that and nothing else. He knew that he was shaking, and before he was able to stop himself, a whimper had left him. It only meant one thing when Cendred’s voice was this soft.

Sure enough, it only took a beat before he could feel it.

The touch of leather running over his skin as Cendred’s gloved hand caressed his back made Arthur shudder. Torture he could take, but this intimate touches he didn’t know how to handle. The leather was cold and harsh against his skin, catching in some of the wounds that scattered across his back from the various beatings. Cendred’s hand disappeared and Arthur heard the creak of the leather as he clenched it into a fist.

“Will you apologise?”


The leather burnt as Cendred drove his fist into Arthur’s stomach, dragging it purposefully across a long cut already there. He continued to repeat the process as he circled around the restrained prince, but his breathing became heavier as he moved. Arthur heard something catching behind him, Cendred cursing before a hand grabbed his chin.

“I don’t want you biting your own tongue off; I still need you to be able to voice your feelings.” Arthur didn’t have time to protest, the very same leather glove was forced between his teeth. The prince made to spit it out when he heard the sound of more leather moving.

This time, he would have done anything for Cendred’s gloved hand to be caressing his back as his scream was only just muffled by the leather.

Tags: *c:loopstagirl, c:arthur, p:arthur/other, pt 040:leather, rating:nc-17, type:drabble

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