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It's Peach, It's Blue, It's Pink...

Author: min7girl
Title:It's Peach, It's Blue, It's Pink...
Summary: The Peach Ball Gown! It's found and Merlin comes up with an idea of how to make Arthur more comfortable about it.
Word Count:
Author's Notes:The first part is written b bunnysworld. She said I could diverge from a point she made in her Ball Gown fic. Also feel free to anyone who wants to keep this one going. I left a lot to the imaginations and would love to see some of the relationship results.

“You kept the dress.” Merlin stepped closer and smiled.

“Silly, isn’t it?” Avoiding Merlin’s eyes, Arthur swallowed hard.

Shaking his head, Merlin wrapped his arms around Arthur’s waist. “No. Not at all.”

“You don’t mind that I…”

Merlin kissed him softly. “Would you wear it for me?”

“You want me to wear the gown to Leon’s and Percy’s engagement party?” A flush tinted Arthur’s skin.

"Why not? You looked amazing in it."

"My amazingness might overshadow THEIR party. Don't you think tonight should be about them?"

It was an excuse. Merlin could see Arthur's reluctance on many levels and didn't want to push him, but he also noticed the ball gown in his hands, while obviously taken care of, had been worn enough times to warrant at least one trip to the cleaners.

"What if I swear that you won't upstage anyone at the party? At least not that much." Merlin grinned stupidly at the love of his life. He knew he could do this for him.

"What kind of scheme are you plotting?" Arthur pulled back a little wary of another of Merlin's plans, but already showing interest in getting into new mischief.

Merlin leaned in kissing his cheek, "Get dressed." Merlin pushed the ball gown into Arthur's hands, and made a run for down stairs. He would have to get on Facebook with Arthur's laptop, and start texting on his own phone simultaneously if he was to catch everyone in time.


The peach ball gown once again fit rather well, the bodice snug in all the right places as Arthur moved to the slow song playing behind them. Percy didn't look half bad in his petal soft pale pink chiffon number. In fact most of their friends looked very good. Lance in a deep purple that the sales girl swore brought out his eyes, Mordred twirling around in a black and white fluffy thing that puffed out all over giving the effect of a stuffed adorable animal in need of squishing, and Gwaine had the nerve to think Morgana would be ok with him wearing something that sexy. Hah! She already had a coat over his backless beige shimmery thing.

Arthur nuzzling his ear brought him back to their moment. "There's always been something special about you Merlin." Lips brushed the top of his neck. "You can make magic happen."

Merlin held him tighter in a small hug rather than dance move. "I can do anything for you Arthur."

It wasn't like he had to do much. They were all close enough friends that with one wonderfully fun whirlwind trip to a shopping plaza, Arthur felt right at home leaning into Merlin's arms while they danced the night away.
Tags: *c:min7girl, p:arthur/merlin, pt 041:ball, rating:g, type:drabble

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