cd_mods (cd_mods) wrote in camelot_drabble,

MOD POST: Contributor tags and changes to tagging system

Just a quick mod post to let you know about updates to the tagging system:

+ All of you that have a contributor tag, your entries should finally be linked to your tag. Sorry about the delay, but going through 900+ entries was no easy feat! If some of your works are missing from your tag, please let us know!

+ You may or may not know, but to get a contributor tag, you must post at least five entries to the community. To keep track on how many posts you've made, you can click "" (and replace "username" with your lj name of course) If you have five entries but don't have a contributor tag, tell us so we can correct that right away!

+ So the tags aren't so long, we've shortened them:
== "contributor:username" is now "*c:username"
== "character:[character name]" is now "c:[character name]"
== "pairing:[pairing]" is now "p:[pairing]"
== "prompt #:[prompt}" is now "pt #:[prompt]"

No need to retag your entries, they've already been changed over. However, if there's a tag you need (either for a character or pairing), please let us know so we can add it!
Tags: !comm things, !modpost

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