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Childish Games

Author: min7girl
Title:Childish Games
Summary:Arthur wants Merlin to pay attention to him and stop looking at some dumb model.
Prompt:Photo Prompt: hunk du jour
Author's Notes: this will be part of series. Might make more today or this week. :)

"I look better than that." Arthur peered over Merlin's shoulder.

"Mmmmhmmm" Merlin replied in a monotone drone, obviously not paying attention to Arthur, and looking ever so much more at his iPad. He even picked up his sketch book to draw the drenched model.

"What's that guy have that I don't? I'm just as blond and muscled." Arthur flexed his chest then his arms in the hopes of getting Merlin to look up from the display.

"Sure you are." Merlin nodded in that condescending way he always did when he didn't agree with Arthur in the slightest. Normally Arthur laughed it off, but today it felt wrong, frustrating. They were roommates, more importantly they were friends, and ignoring a friend in a time of physical insecurity was not on.

Arthur could be sexy. He could be wet. He could be half naked and model for Merlin any time the annoying idiot wanted. Why didn't Merlin see he had a fantastic model in the flat? Why did he have to go looking on-line for one?


Merlin realized long ago the best way to get Arthur to pay attention to him was to ignore the prat. It was childish and he didn't do it often, but there were days when he felt vulnerable and just needed to feel that Arthur cared about him a little.

5 minutes after starting the game that usually lasted the entire day, Arthur strode out of the shower in nothing but a towel low around his hips. He purposefully didn't dry his hair. "Merlin." He call from the doorway to the living room.

Merlin pretended he didn't immediately notice and looked up when his name was called. Breathe even. Breathe slow. Don't run forward to lick him. The mantras would help. They helped before. They should keep him in control now. Don't swallow your tongue. "What is it Arthur?"

Arthur hrumphed. "You don't think I'm sexier that some model?"

"I think your ego doesn't need help from me and you're dripping water on the floor." And god yes, he was the sexiest thing alive, dead, or imaginary. Merlin covered his body's reaction with his sketch pad, a blessed tool he always kept close for such Arthur induced emergencies.
Tags: *c:min7girl, p:arthur/merlin, pt 042:picture prompt (hunk du jour), rating:pg, type:drabble

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