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A Once in a Lifetime Love: Part 2

Title: A Once in a Lifetime Love: Part 2
Rating: Gen
Characters: Hunith, Merlin.  Balinor and Freya discussed
Summary: After Merlin banishes the dragon, he goes home.  There are things he needs to tell his mother
Warnings: None
Word Count: 790
Prompt: Love
Authors Notes:  Set after the events of 2.13. A sort of follow up to A once in a Lifetime Love

A Once in a life love Part 2

Merlin waited what he thought was a decent amount of time after the dragon had been, well, everybody was saying killed and celebrating that fact, but he knew better. So it was after 4 days, when the celebrations had died down somewhat, when the wounded had been treated and the rebuilding underway that he asked for a few days off. Something he had never done before. He told the truth this time, that hehad to go and see his mother. Arthur grumbled, but then pretended to reluctantly let him go. Merlin had known he would – Arthur was still on a high and was being lauded as a dragon slayer. He told Merlin to go and that he’d save the laundry, polishing and cleaning for when he returned. Merlin nodded, unsurprised and made his way home. He had something important to do. This had to be done in person.

Hunith was coming out of her house when she saw her son walking towards her, looking tired and grim. So much older than when he had left. She hugged him close, and they both went inside. He had that look about him that said he needed to tell her something, but didn’t really want to. So she did what she always did, waited until he was ready. Slowly he told her what had happened. He had freed the dragon under Camelot. She wondered if the beast knew who he was, he must have, to seek him out the way he did. The dragon then extracted revenge on Uther by attacking Camelot. Eventually Merlin and Arthur set of to find the last Dragon Lord – Balinor. He heart raced. At this Merlin looked at her and said. “Gaius told me, he’s my father” . She could only numbly nod. Her secret that she had kept for so long, for him to find out in this way was not fair. It wasn’t how it was supposed to be. As calmly as she could, she asked “Did you find him, he’s still alive?”. Dare she hope that she would see him again. Merlin nodded, and took a breath. “Yes, we found him, living in a cave” A cave! Her mind was reeling, her beautiful man – in a cave. Merlin continued. "I was able to persuade him to return to Camelot and help us”. At this, his shoulders sagged, she drew him close to her. This cannot have been easy for him. “I told him who I was, that you were my mother, that you hadn’t remarried or anything. I told him I was his son” Hunith nodded, her face seemed suddenly wet, tears streaming down her face. “Yes, you are his son”she whispered. He looked up at her “He still loves you, you know, I could tell". She nodded again. There was more, in her heart, she knew Merlin’s story was not finished. He took another shaky breath. “ We were attacked the next morning, he was stabbed while saving me, he died in my arms. He told me he was proud of me” At this, they both broke down. She’d though she’d grieved for him many years ago. She cried for herself, and she cried for her son. Merlin managed to smile at her “He helped me you know, He spoke to me, and helped me talk to the dragon and stop the attacks"

As they sat, drying their eyes, he told her he understood why she never told him.    Then he told her about a young girl he met. How he’d helped her, how they were going to run way together. How she was utterly unlike anybody else he had ever met before. She smiled at this, remembing her exact words to Balinor all those years ago. But the girl was cursed, she became a type of monster at night and killed, she couldn’t help it. It wasn’t her fault. He was going to try and help her, but she left, only to be hunted down and wounded. There was nothing he could do, she died. Her heart broke again for her boy, nobody should have had to go through what he has.   She regretted sending him to Camelot, although it was were he should be. She knew something of his destiny. “I won’t let their deaths be for nothing”, he told her. “One day, people with magic will be able to live freely, it has to be”

After a while he spoke again. “I don’t think I could ever love anybody quite like that ever again” Part of her wanted to protest, he was young, there would be others, but part of her understood. She nodded. “I know, maybe you and I are only meant to have a once in a lifetime love. “
She reflected, he may be his fathers son in more ways than she could possibly know, but he was also like her as well. 

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