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Suppressed Memories

Author: Loopstagirl
Title: Suppressed Memories
Rating: PG-13
Pairings: Hinted at Morgause/Cendred
Character/s: Arthur, Morgause, Cendred
Summary: Arthur wasn't crazy. He knew they weren't dreams, they were memories. Now he just needed the rest of the world to believe him.
Word Count: 1000
Prompt: Memories
Author's Notes: Great. I get an idea not for a drabble, but for a massive fic instead. Oh well, consider this a little spoiler/hint at something longer coming!

A small eight-year old sat bolt upright in his bed, chest heaving as he gulped down air. It would have been a nightmare if not for the comforting presence of the man in his dream. Merlin was always in his dream. No, not a dream. Arthur knew that was what everyone wanted him to think, but he knew differently. It wasn’t dreams that filled his mind night after night, but memories.

He was a king.

Well, once was a king or something like that. Arthur swung his legs over the edge of his bed, staring into the darkness. All the other children were still asleep, he was sure of that. They were here for other reasons, their parents hadn’t thought they were crazy and sent them away so it didn’t get out that he was different to other children his age. Arthur couldn’t help it, it wasn’t his fault that he could remember everything and no one believed him.

Merlin would believe him.

Of that Arthur was sure. But that would involve finding Merlin, something that was not possible. Arthur started down at his white top and white trousers, finding tears were filling his eyes as he slipped his feet into the white slippers and moved silently through the white room. Everything here was white, stark, bright, blinding white. It was as if they tried to make it so the white was the only thing he could see rather than the memories that filled his head.

It took both hands for the little boy to open the door and Arthur was holding his breath as it squeaked quietly. If they caught him again, Arthur knew that it wouldn’t be good. They were always so mean here, always mocking him. His dad had said they would make him feel better, make him know who he truly was. Freya had been nice, she had given him cuddles and listened to him every time he had a bad memory reveal itself.

But then she had gone away and Morgause had come. Arthur didn’t like her. And he was terrified of the man that was always by her side. Morgause had said that Cendred was a doctor, but Arthur was sure that wasn’t true. He just wished his memories would reveal why there was always an uneasy feeling in his gut whenever he was near them.

For now, however, he was getting out of here. He was going to escape and find Merlin and everything was going to be okay. His hands twisted in the bottom of his top as he stole along the corridor, holding his breath as he reached Morgause’s office. He knew that she kept the keys to the main gate in there; he would have to be brave and go in.

He could do it though, he was a king.

Arthur inched open the door carefully, blinking in confusion when he realised there was a light on in the office and he could hear grunts coming from it. It sounded like someone was in pain, maybe Morgause was hurting someone else as well? Should he try and find someone who could help? But then the noise came again and Arthur realised it was Morgause’s voice.

Hoping it meant she was distracted, Arthur slipped into the office. He didn’t look towards the light, hoping it would mean that they couldn’t see him. He knew where the keys were kept, he just had to reach up for them. He was so close, his fingers brushing against them when he realised the grunting had stopped.

Before he could turn, arms wrapped around his waist, lifting him clean off the floor. Arthur screamed and struggled, but was simply laid down over the desk, a hand on the back of his neck keeping him down. He could feel the tops of his trousers being pulled back and the sharp scratch of a needle in the soft skin of his bottom and let out a cry before the world went dark.

When he awoke, Arthur blinked at the white ceiling. He made to try and move, then let out a cry when he realised he couldn’t. There were padded cuffs – made smaller for his size – strapped around his wrists and ankles and binding him to the bed.

“Not escaping again are we, Arthur?” Morgause’s voice was soft, but Arthur wasn’t fooled. He let out a sob, twisting his limbs to try and get away, but he couldn’t get out of the restraints as Morgause moved into view. Arthur stared up at her in fear, tears flooding down his cheeks that he could make no move to brush away.

“Hush, child, you are safe here.” Arthur shook his head wildly, refusing to lie still as Morgause leant over him, her hand coming to rest on his forehead.

“No one is ever going to believe you, Arthur. You’ll be stuck here for your whole life, and this time, you won’t be given the chance at your destiny. We’re going to take it from you. We’ll find Merlin and kill him, and there is nothing you can do about it.”

Arthur found himself screaming again, only to realise they had put him one of the soundproof rooms.

“But for now, I think it is time you forgot this little night time adventure, don’t you? It’s time for little boys to be in bed.” Arthur stared up at her in terror as Cendred came up behind her, sliding one arm around Morgause’s waist and pulling her back into him. Her hand didn’t leave his forehead and Arthur realised it felt uncomfortably warm.

As he stared up at her with wide eyes, Arthur felt his breath catch as her eyes turned golden.

His dreams had shown Merlin doing that.

It meant he wasn’t crazy, it was real.

But then something seemed to slam into his mind and Arthur jerked in the restraints. A strangled sob escaped from him before he slumped, the world going dark again.

He knew he would forget.
Tags: *c:loopstagirl, c:arthur, pt 047:memories, rating:pg-13, type:drabble

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