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Never Lost

Title: Never Lost
Rating: Gen
Character/s: Merlin, Hunith, a fairy
Summary: Merlin gets lost one day and comes across a fairy who teaches him a few things
Warnings: Kid Fic
Word Count: 700
Prompt: Lost
Author's Notes: According to Wiki, Shaylee is a Fairy Princess of the field.

Never Lost

“I don’t ever get lost!” Merlin declared to Arthur one day when they were out hunting. Arthur had scoffed at him, and as usual didn’t believe him, but it was true. He had only ever gotten lost once in his entire life.

He was very young at the time, 3, perhaps 4 years old. Certainly old enough to be helping his mother gather herbs. He was starting to recognise the different leaves and even know some their names. When his mother asked him to fetch some Elderflowers, he eagerly ran off in the direction where he knew they were growing. He found them quickly, but when he looked up, he couldn’t see his mother at all, in fact, everything looked different and unfamiliar. He looked around widely, his heart pounding. He walked back to where he thought his mother was, but no, she wasn’t anywhere to be seen. He shouted for her, but all he could hear were the usual sounds of the forest, the birds and the leaves in the breeze. He was scared, really scared. If he couldn’t find his mother, if he couldn’t find his way home, he would be lost forever. What if nobody could find him? He blinked back tears as he shouted again.

Suddenly, out of the corner of his eye, he saw a light flickering. He looked around, but nothing was there. Frowning he looked around again, but nothing was there. He started to walk in a different direction, and again the flickering light appeared. This time, he knew that something, somebody was there, he could feel the magic radiating from it.  

Without realising what he was doing, his eyes flashed gold as he demanded, “Where are you? What are you?” Then in front of him, almost on his nose, an impossibly tiny girl appeared.

“Are you a butterfly?”he asked forgetting his earlier fears of being lost. She laughed, sounding like the wind chimes his mother used for keeping birds away from her garden.

“Oh no, Merlin, I’m not a butterfly, I’m a fairy, can’t you see?”

She twirled around in front of him.

“Fairies aren’t real”” he said. “Who says?” she asked. “Well, everybody says so. Matthew told me”he replied. “Oh Merlin, you can’t believe everything people say, they’ve just never seen a fairy before, see” she twirled again. “I’m as real as you are. You can see me, am I real?” He nodded and then frowned and then demanded. “Hey, how do you know my name?” “All magical creatures know who you are Merlin, I’m Shaylee, pleased to met you” She did a little curtsey.

“Magical creatures, there are more magical creatures than just fairies then?”he asked curiously.

“Yes Merlin, there are lots of magical creatures around, you know, fairies, nymphs,pixies, elves, unicorns, and lots more. But you have to be careful, some like to play mean tricks on people.”

“Oh, Unicorns, can you teach me all about them then?”Merlin

She laughed again. “Oh yes, one day you’ll learn everything about magical creatures. There’s magic all around us, you know that don’t you?”Merlin nodded. “And where there is magic, there are magical creatures, some of us live in the trees, some in the lakes and rivers, lots of different places.

“But no monsters right?”Merlin asked

She looked at him. “Some humans think that magical creatures are monsters, some are good and some are bad, but there aren’t any monsters”

“So I’m not a monster then, am I? He almost whispered the question.

She smiled kindly at him. “No Merlin, you are definitely not a monster, and neither am I”

“Oh good”he was relieved, "can we go and play then? he asked

“I’ve got an even better idea, I’ll teach you how you can never get lost again, while we go and find your mother, all right?

Later he told his mother how he’d gotten lost, and how a fairy helped him find his way back to her again, and that he now knew a really good way to never get lost again. His mother smiled and nodded, while thinking to herself that she must be the only mother who wondered if her child had really talked and played with a fairy.

Tags: *c:issy5209, c:hunith, c:merlin, pt 049:lost, rating:g, type:drabble

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