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Author: Loopstagirl
Title: Victory
Rating: NC-17
Pairings: Merlin/Arthur
Character/s: Arthur, Merlin,
Warnings: Boys being boys after a battle?
Summary: They weren't supposed to be doing this. They were on opposite sides. That didn't ever stop them.
Word Count: 984
Prompt: Celebration
Author's Notes: Hmm...yeah...

Merlin’s eyes slid off to one side, looking beyond the festivities and the men drinking and laughing in front of him. The war was over, their victory on the battlefield had proven once and for all that they were not to be ignored like that ever again. He took a long drink from his cup, sighing as he thought about the opposition’s leader. As if his thoughts had manifested themselves into reality, Merlin blinked as he saw who was standing on the edge of his camp.

Making sure that no one else had seen where his eyes were looking, Merlin slipped from his place at the head of the table. Some of his men cast him concerned glances, but Merlin simply smiled and set their minds at ease with the simple gesture. After all, why should he be worried when they had just brought about peace? His heart pounding and his breath quickening, Merlin ducked around the side of the tent.
Immediately, he was being pressed against a tree, lips seeking out his and a tongue probing forward. Merlin relented, granting access for a few seconds before placing his hand on the muscular chest and creating space between them.

“You shouldn’t be here. My men will kill you on sight if they see you here.”

“Don’t care. Had to see you…” Arthur’s lips were moulding themselves to Merlin’s neck as skilled hands untied Merlin’s scarf and granted him access to the skin beneath.

“Don’t send me away, please.” Merlin knew that no one else ever heard the vulnerability in Arthur’s voice the way Merlin did. Certainly not by his own men and definitely not by his enemies. Merlin wasn’t sure which category he fell into. They were sworn enemies by day, fighting against each other with everything they had. But when the sun went down and the moon took control of the sky, they made love more passionately than Merlin had ever thought was possible.

“Arthur.” It was nothing more than a groan this time and Merlin snaked his hands into the commander’s hair, yanking him forward until their groins crushed together and then proceeded to steal Arthur’s groan in a filthy kiss. The thrill of knowing they shouldn’t be doing this just made him more aroused than ever and Merlin let Arthur back him against the tree again.

Somehow, their shirts ended up on the floor in between kisses. Merlin slipped his hand down Arthur’s trousers in order to fondle the man, but Arthur pulled back. To Merlin’s surprise, he stripped off and dropped to his knees. He pulled the beginnings of the lace out of Merlin’s breeches and then did the rest with his teeth.


“You won today, My Lord. I am yours for tonight.” Merlin groaned again. Arthur was completely submitting to him. Normally, they fought and pushed at each other until someone gained the upper hand, but tonight, Arthur wasn’t even trying. Merlin let his fingers curl back in the man’s hair as Arthur licked a stripe up his cock before engulfing it in his mouth. He hollowed his cheeks and hummed happily as Merlin’s hips moved of their own accord.

“Fuck…” Unable to stop himself, Merlin thrust into Arthur’s hot mouth. The slide of the man’s tongue against his hard cock sent shivers up his spine and the adrenaline from the battle was still too great, he knew he wouldn’t last long. But just as he felt his release drawing near, Arthur pulled off.

Merlin didn’t even try and deny his whine, but his opponent stood up. He pulled Merlin away from the tree before placing his own hands on it,
exposing himself and breaking the first rule of battle. Never turn your back on your enemy.

“Fuck me.” Merlin didn’t need any more encouraging than that and ran his hands over Arthur’s arse, fingers probing before almost immediately sinking into his lover’s body. Arthur was tight and hissed in discomfort, but Merlin angled his hips instantly and the groan turned to one of pleasure. He began tortuously slowly, just shifting his hips enough to drive Arthur mad and cause the man to not only start pushing back, but begging as well.

Only when he had Arthur begging and the man’s legs threatening to give way did Merlin pick up his pace, fucking Arthur almost furiously against the tree. His hand curled around Arthur’s prick and he jerked wildly before they both spilled simultaneously.

Pulling out made Arthur whine, but Merlin span him and forced his tongue into the other man’s mouth and dominating him in the same way his cock had just done. Finally, he pulled back and let their foreheads rest together, panting.

“Congratulations on your victory.” Arthur murmured gently and Merlin grinned, his eyes shut.

“Told you I’d win. Maybe now that we have peace…” He knew what he was going to say, maybe they could be together without fear in between them.

“You know peace can’t be achieved that easily.” Merlin’s eyes snapped open and Arthur shrugged.

“We’re not as defeated as you think.”

“Arthur…” it was a childish whine, he knew, but Merlin was so fed up of fighting. Arthur smirked, shrugging on his clothes before claiming Merlin’s mouth. This time, it was him who was the dominant one.

“Enjoy your celebration while it lasts, Merlin.” Just as the warlock tried to ask what he meant, Arthur slipped out into the night and ran from the camp. Shakily refastening his trousers, Merlin couldn’t help but smirk himself. War might be tiresome, but the forbidden sex after every battle made it worth it.

Next time, he would make Arthur beg again. Only then, Merlin was going to find a way to make the man beg in the middle of his own camp.
Arthur was right, neither of them would give in that easily.

It was what made them so perfect for each other.
Tags: *c:loopstagirl, c:arthur, c:merlin, p:arthur/merlin, rating:nc-17, type:drabble

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