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The Destroyer

Author: neyah444
Title: The Destroyer
Rating: G
Character/s: Kilgharrah
Pairing/s: none
Summary: He welcomes death, but how will he be remembered?
Spoilers: 2.13
Warnings: unbeta'd, despite the summary no character death
Word Count: 100

The Destroyer

He had no intention to kill the future of Albion, but he will not surrender. And he wouldn’t apologize for what he’d done. It had been just. Then he heard the roar that flew from Merlin’s mouth like it belonged there. A voice calling for obedience yet reassuring he wasn’t alone in this world. He had longed to hear it in that twenty years of captivity. But a thought stroger than any other washed over him. The realization that Balinor was dead. And it was his turn. He just wished he wouldn’t be remembered as the destroyer of innocent lives.

Tags: *c:neyah444, c:kilgharrah, pt 004:surrender, rating:g, type:drabble

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