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07 April 2013 @ 03:26 pm
Modern Camelot (Part 1)  
Author: sidhe_faerie
Title: Modern Camelot (Part 1)
Rating: R
Pairing/s: Merlin/Morgana, Arthur/Gwen
Character/s: Morgause, Nimueh, Cenred, Freya
Summary: In an attempt to return magick to the modern world, Morgause and Nimueh set in motion a chain of events that bring Arthur something he really doesn’t want.
Warnings: violence, character death, past rape mentioned
Word Count for Part 1: 994
Prompt: 52 At Last
Author's Notes: These are the final two parts to this ‘verse. Happy First Year! The earlier prompts for “Modern Camelot” are on AO3

Modern Camelot (Part 1)
“Will you please shut him up!” Nimeuh growled at Morgana from the lounge of the dingy house the three of them had been taken almost two weeks ago.

Devon had been fussy for the past two hours. It didn’t look like he was going to stop any time soon.

“If I could get up and walk with him, it would help. It is the only thing that works when he is like this.” Morgana said. “If you would just unchain me from the radiator.”

“Fine.” Nimueh got the key and unlocked the shackle from Morgana’s leg. “Don’t try anything. I won’t hesitate to kill you or your brat.” As if to prove her point she patted the gun in her pocket.

“I understand.” Morgana stood up and started pacing with Devon in her arms.

“Nimueh, must you? He is a baby and babies cry. “Morgause said. “Does he need anything, Morgana?”

Morgana shook her head and continued to pace.

“Morgana, can you hear me?” Merlin’s voice asked in her head.

Morgana responded with her thoughts to him. “Yes.”

“Do you remember the shield spell?”

“Yes but she has a gun.”

“Take cover and use the spell when I tell you to.”

“Got it. What do they want?”

“I’m not sure. Where is the book they have been reading from?”    

“On the table.”

“Can you get a look at it?”

“No it’s too far away. Someone is coming.”

“Just stay ready, Love.”

A man in all leather walked in. He pulled off his helmet and glared at Nimueh. “It’s done.”

“They are all dead?” Nimueh asked

“Yes all six of them.”

“You delivered it?”

“Took it myself.” He plopped down on the threadbare sofa.

“Fool! They recognized you.” Morgause hissed.

“Nope.” He patted his helmet. “I kept it on. Pendragon never saw my face.” 

“Cenred, please tell me those aren’t the same leather pants you wore when you tried to take Camelot.” Morgana sniped.

“Great another harpy to answer to.” Cenred propped his booted feet up on the cheap coffee table. “When did she get here and why does she have that?”

“She came with Merlin and that is their son.” Morgause said. “You don’t answer to her. She is a prisoner like that fool upstairs.”

Nimueh was looking at the book in question. “Morgause, what does this next part say?”

Morgause went over and looked at the passage that Nimueh was pointing to. “That says that Arthur must be presented Excalibur by the Lady of the Lake before he can make his claim to the throne.”

“Why you are trying to help Arthur claim the throne of Britain?” Cenred asked.  “Why don’t you make claim to it yourself?”

“It has to be Arthur. When he is King again, magick will come back to Albion.” Nimueh said. “We will be powerful again.”

Cenred frowned. “Then we kill him, right?”

“Yes, then we kill him.” Nimueh said.

“I was beginning to worry.” Cenred looked at Morgana. “Her too?”

“We will kill all of them when we have what we want.” Nimueh grinned. “I will be powerful at last. I will not have to live in this hovel and scrape my way through life anymore.”

“Hovels are not always that bad. Are they, Morgause? We lived in a rather drafty one in the Darkling Woods for more than a year.”  Morgana said.

“That was when you called me ‘Sister’.” Morgause said. “Now we are strangers.”

“Pay no attention to her.” nimueh said. “How do we find this Lady of the Lake?”

“It doesn’t say.” Morgause said. “Morgana, do you know who it is?”

“No. I have no idea.” Morgana lied. She paced with Devon some more.

“Merlin, they want Arthur to be King of Britain. They want to return magick to Albion.”

“Those fools! It never left. Who arrived?”

“Cenred. He killed 6 people and delivered something to Arthur.”

“Most likely it was the Saxons who killed Gwen and took the Royal seal. Get ready love. We are getting out of here now that I know what they want.”

Morgana eased her way behind a large arm chair. “I’m ready.”

In an upstairs bedroom, Merlin removed the shackles with a whispered word. He went to the door and found it unlocked. He went to the top of the stairs to see where everyone was. When he knew where they were, Merlin shouted. “Now!”

Morgana ducked behind the chair and said the spell. A golden glowing bubble formed around her.

Nimueh and Morgause gasped in shock.

Merlin sent fire balls down the stairs hitting Nimueh and Cenred, who had jumped up and was coming his way.  They were incinerated where they stood. Morgause tried to run out the door but Merlin sent her flying against the wall.

Merlin ran down the stairs, grabbed the book and a set of car keys. “Come on Morgana!”

Morgana followed him out the door clutching Devon tightly. “Where to now?”

Merlin clicked the car alarm and a blue car blinked its lights in response. “We get the bloody hell out of here. Is he all right?”

“Yes.” Morgana said. Devon was crying louder with everything going on around him. “He is frightened and so am I.”

Merlin nodded as they got in the car.. “We will be safe now. I kept asking them what they wanted and they wouldn’t tell me. This book is one of mine from Camelot. We need to get to Arthur. We need to make sure he gets Excalibur.”

“What if he doesn’t want to be King?” Morgana said. “He hated every minute of it. He is free from all that at last. Can’t we just let him be?”

Merlin said nothing as they drove straight to Arthur and Gwen’s house. He didn’t think he could prevent it now that it had gone this far.

They had only been kidnapped nearly two weeks ago and they were only two kilometers away from Arthur and Gwen the whole time.