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Modern Camelot (Part 2)

Author: sidhe_faerie
Title: Modern Camelot (Part 2)
Rating: R
Pairing/s: Merlin/Morgana, Arthur/Gwen
Character/s: Morgause, Nimueh, Cenred, Freya
Summary: In an attempt to return magick to the modern world, Morgause and Nimueh set in motion a chain of events that bring Arthur something he really doesn’t want.
Warnings: violence, character death, past rape mentioned
Word Count for Part 2: 942
Prompt: 52 At Last
Author's Notes: These are the final two parts to this ‘verse. Happy First Year! The earlier prompts for “Modern Camelot” are on AO3


Part 1 is here!

Modern Camelot (Part 2)
Arthur saw the strange car stop from where he was standing at the front window. He was surprised when Merlin and Morgana got out and came towards the door. He went to meet them at the door.

“At long last here you are! Where the bloody hell have you been?” Arthur asked.

“Kidnapped.” Merlin said. “Morgause and Nimeuh took us from the flat the night of the party. I need a phone.”

Arthur handed his mobile to Merlin. “What did they want from you?”

“I’m still not sure but I know what they were up to now and I need to take care of it.” Merlin said.

“I need to get him calmed down.” Morgana said as she walked past them with Devon into the kitchen.
Merlin dialed. “I need to speak to Freya. …. Freya? It’s Merlin. I need you to bring Excalibur to the King. It’s time.”

Merlin gave her the address then disconnected the call.

“Did you say Excalibur?” Arthur asked. “What is all this about? I am not the King anymore.”

“You received the Royal Seal?” Merlin said.

“Yes. Some biker guy brought it. The card said it was from you and Morgana for our anniversary.”

“It wasn’t from us. That was Cenred. He was working with Morgause and Nimueh. I just killed him and Nimueh. I didn’t stop to check Morgause. I suppose Morgana is in the kitchen calling 999 now.” Merlin looked toward the kitchen. “Morgause is her sister after all.”  

“Are you all unharmed? We called the police but they were useless. The Knights and I were looking everywhere for you.” Arthur said. “Merlin, I need to tell you something. Guinevere remembers everything. She has been upset since you’ve been gone. She won’t tell me why.”

“I know I shouldn’t say but you need to know.” Merlin said. “She died after six Saxon brothers raped and cut her open while she was still aware. That is how I found her. She was lying in the bed she shared with you. She took her last breath in my arms as you did years before. I never wanted her to remember that.”

Arthur felt sick. “Where are those Saxons now?”

“Dead. Cenred killed them for the seal.” Merlin showed him the book. “This book is mine from the old days. It says that when you have the seal and the sword, you can make a claim on the throne of Britain. It also says that magick will return but magick never left. It was taken from those that misused it. Morgana’s magic is back because she has changed her ways and made amends.”  

“There is no way they are just going to hand me the throne of Britain, Merlin.” Arthur said.

“I checked. There is still an ancient law in place that will make you the King.” Merlin said.

“I don’t want to be King. I have the life I have always wanted. I have a home not a palace and a family. They can keep their throne. I will not be King.”

“You must.” Gwen said from behind them. “It is your destiny.”

“This is my destiny, Guinevere. We must put Camelot to rest.” Arthur said.

“No. we must build a new Camelot.” Gwen said. “We must do it for our children. We must make Camelot real in every way.”   

There was a knock at the door. Merlin opened the door. Freya stood there with a long box in her hands.  She stepped inside and opened the box. She presented the sword to him. “I am Freya. I am the Lady of the Lake. I return to you, your sword, Sire.”    

“Take it Arthur.” Gwen said. “Let the world know that the Once and Future King has returned at last to rule his kingdom fairly and justly. This modern world needs you. It needs us all.”      

“A modern Camelot? It can’t be done. The world is too jaded. This is all talk anyway they are not going to just hand me a kingdom.” Arthur was still not convinced.

“Take it, Sire.” Freya said. “I have faith in you.”

Gwen put her arm in his. “We all do Arthur. This is your destiny, just as I am and the princesses.” Gwen put the seal ring on his finger. “There! Now take the sword and Merlin will help you with the rest.”

Arthur looked at Gwen like she was mental. “This means going back to that life of plots and danger.”

“I know but it also means we get to teach true nobility and humility to people who have no idea of their potential. We can change the world or at least a small piece of it. Take it Arthur.”

Arthur took a deep breath and took up Excalibur once more.  There was something in the way if felt in his hand that gave him strength. “Now what?”

“I file the papers for your claim. It will take some time but we will be living in a modern Camelot before the year is out.” Merlin said. “There is one thing I need.”

Arthur looked at him. “What?”

“Blood.” Merlin opened the book and there was a streak of blood on the page. “To match with this. It will prove your identity. I placed it here just for this purpose. It will match exactly. There will be no doubt.”

The next morning the papers for Arthur’s claim to the throne were filed. Within a month, Arthur was crowned as the King of the Britain’s.  Merlin stood next to the throne at his right. Gwen sat beside him on the left. The age of Modern Camelot had begun at last.

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