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Only the Beginning.

Author: issy5209
Title: Only the Beginning
Rating: Gen
Pairing/s: Merlin/Freya
Character/s: Merlin, Freya, Arthur
Summary: Getting Arthur to pull the sword out of the stone is only the beginning.
Warnings: None .
Word Count: 404
Prompt: At Last.
Author's Notes: 4.13 coda. Don't even think about s5 in regards to this.

Only the Beginning

It was done, at last, it was done. He had wheedled, cajoled even had place a spell on Arthur. Kept him safe, bolstered him and then talked him into pulling a sword out of solid stone, with the usual secret magical assistance of course. It was unfortunate that it had to happen that way, but it needed to be done by any means, however inelegant.

Perception and belief outweighed skill tenfold, Merlin knew. Arthur had to believe the story he had weaved about the sword, he had to believe that they could defeat Helio’s army. He had to believe the sword was rightfully his. And it wasn’t just Arthur, but the people too. More than a sword, it would be a powerful symbol.

It was not just any sword either, but a powerful one. For this was Excalibur. He would be known to all by the sword he carried, and they would follow him and be loyal to him. It was under this sword that the land would be united and magic would return. This is what had been foretold, and it was his duty to make sure that Arthur received the sword. All trickery and subterfuge he would concede, but important, nonetheless

For Arthur to rule Camelot and unite Albion, he needed to have the faith that he could do so on his own terms. This was a sword that would make him that King.

And now, there was something else he needed to do. Dreams of an Albion and the return of magic were still a long way off, and he himself needed someone who had faith in him, more than faith – love. No man should be alone, whatever his destiny decrees.

So it was that he found himself, standing at the shores of the lake, by spell or charm he did not know, looking at his lady smiling at him.

“You are here at last”she said to him “I trust you bring good news”

He smiled back and walked to her, not feeling the cold water against his skin

“Arthur has the sword, he will be King as has been foretold”

Freya sighed with relief. “At last, but this is not the end, but the beginning, your work must begin in earnest now.

“But not tonight”Merlin grinned

“No, not tonight”Freya replied with a knowing smile

“Tonight it is just you and me and the stars above”

And so it was.

Tags: *c:issy5209, c:arthur, c:freya, c:merlin, p:freya/merlin, pt 052:at last, rating:g, type:drabble

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