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A Change

Author: anivhee
Title: A Change
Rating: PG-13
Pairing/s: Arthur/Merlin
Character/s: Arthur, Merlin
Summary: He was sick of being just a toy for him--but that might just change sooner than he thought.
Warnings: Mentions of alcohol and ~adult themes~
Word Count: 625
Prompt: #52 "At Last".
Author's Notes: I AM SO LATE OH GOD AKDKBFKDS this is unbeta'ed, and written on my phone. Oh, yeah. Beware. (Also this was going to be angsty what happened? WAIT WHY IS EVERYTHING ANGST UGH AKBFKSDJKDF). Congrats to Camelot Drabble for their anniversary!!<3

Arthur didn't like to think sometimes.

Especially when Merlin cornered him in a room and kissed him silly; or when his long fingers ran through his body, touching things he shouldn't and gripping spots that made Arthur wild.

Arthur hates him.

Hates the taste of alcohol that is always there when they kiss; hates the way he rocks his hips against his, teasing, inviting. Hates his mouth, his eyes, his laughter and hates with every fiber of his being the fact that he doesn't belong to him. That he's just a toy, a simple distraction to help Merlin cope with whatever makes him drink so much.

It wasn't like that before, and Arthur misses those days--when looking at eachother from across the room was just for fun and buying pints for the other was just to get drunk, not to have messy, drunk sex that Merlin won't even care about the next day.

Arthur shuts his mind and gives in to the needs his body demands, ignoring his heart and how it aches all the time.

But today is different. He knows it from the moment he spots him--crazy eyed and ruffled hair, biting his bottom lip and twisting Arthur's chest in all the most horrible ways. Their eyes meet and Merlin smiles wobbly, making his way towards him.

Arthur's palms are sweaty when he stands up, welcoming him. He feels stupid for a moment, but then Merlin is sitting down beside him and pulling him down by the shirt. Arthur falls beside him, and before he even speaks, Merlin's mouth is already over his own, grabbing his head in a anxious manner and Arthur tries to let go and talk to him, but Merlin won't let him.

It's not like the other times--for starters, Merlin isn't drunk--so Arthur doesn't know what to do. He pushes him off, eventually, and their mouths do an obscene sound when they part. Arthur regrets having pushed him off, and leans back in, only to see how Merlin jerks away from him.

"No, no, sorry, I didn't mean--"

"No, it's okay. I know I shouldn't have done that," he looks at him through his lashes and Arthur has to try very hard to keep his posture. "It's just--it's stupid.

You will laugh at me."

He wants to say 'Never' but he's not a stupid Victorian character, dammit, so he just shakes his head and takes his hand (which isn't chaste at all). He then remembers how Merlin doesn't belong to him and retreats, only for Merlin to reach out and take both of his hands.

"Don't hate me," he says, intensity shining through his eyes, and Arthur just mumbles an answer before they're kissing again, this time sweet and chaste, breaking his heart a little bit.

"I want this to be different," Merlin says after they break apart, Arthur too distracted with his rosy cheeks and swollen lips to catch up with the words. He still doesn't get it when Merlin says "I want us to be together," Arthur's eyes fixed on how Merlin's teeth gnaw at his bottom lip anxiously.

Then the words click and he snaps his head up. Merlin is nervous, that much is obvious, but he's putting on the brave facade, and Arthur just loves him a little more for it.

Love, though.

He surges forward, grabbing him by the jaw and kissing him eagerly. He wants to say a lot of things, wants to run outside and scream "at last!", wants to drag Merlin to the nearest room and take him, wants to do a lot of things, but right now he just kisses him, and finally, he lets his mind and his heart run wild with it.
Tags: c:arthur, c:merlin, p:arthur/merlin, pt 052:at last, rating:pg-13, type:drabble

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