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Fix You

Author: Loopstagirl
Title: Fix You
Rating: NC-17 (to be on the safe side!)
Pairings: Merlin/?
Character/s: Merlin
Warnings: Implied non-con
Summary: No one would want him now.
Word Count: 719
Prompt: Proposal
Author's Notes: I don't know what the hell this is. Not what I had in mind and not the only fill I'm going to do as I still want to write what I actually planned. Apparently assignment deadlines put me in a bad mood!

Merlin laid curled on his side, tears dripping down his face as he tried to ignore the burning in his backside. He had long since given up struggling against the ropes binding his wrists together, knowing that until the poison left his body, magic was out of the question. Blood was running down the backs and insides of his thighs and a noise from outside the room he was in caused another sob to tear from his throat.

What if they came back? There would be no one to save him, not someone like him. No one knew he was here and those that did were responsible for the blood. He shifted, biting back a whimper and trying to curl up further into his bruised body. He heard the door open, and he was hard pushed not to scream as footsteps echoed across the room. He didn’t have the strength to fight any longer, he couldn’t do it…


His name. How long had it been since he last heard his name. It was some sort of trick though, it had to be. Merlin simply curled further into himself, wrenching his bound hands down so they covered him. Not that it did any good, that wasn’t the part they were interested in of him, only their own.

“Merlin? It’s me, I’m here… I came for you, like I promised I always would…” A glove hand landed on his shoulder and Merlin recoiled at the feel of the leather. He could feel his shoulders shaking and the hand swiftly withdrew. Merlin found that he both recoiled from it and craved it. There was something different this time, and he almost jumped in surprise when he felt a warm hand take the place of the cold leather. It gently rubbed his shoulder, moving back until it gently gripped the base of his neck, grounding and reassuring. Exactly the way Merlin liked, calming and secure. It made him feel safe.

He slowly rolled over and the hand instantly moved to cup his cheek, a thumb brushing away the tears.

“I’m here, love. Nothing will hurt you again…” Merlin couldn’t stop himself, but rolled into the muscular chest, allowing himself to be held and to lose himself in the darkness of the fabric, breathing in gently the smell he never thought that he would smell again. Deft fingers made short work of unbinding him, caressing the rope burns. For a moment, Merlin melted, before shoving his saviour away.



“Get out! You don’t want me, no one will want me now! No one can love me, not even you. I’m broken…”

“Hush.” A finger brushed lightly over his lips and the action was enough to silence him. He was never silent, not even when there was something far thicker and far more punishing forced into his mouth. But this gentle touch rendered him silent and he gulped wildly, tears streaming down his face. He could feel himself being gathered into strong arms, and his face turned and immediately burrowed back into the shirt. The free arm snaked around his shoulders, holding him close.

“I love you, Merlin. I love you, I want you and I need you.”

“I’m broken…”

“Not while you have me. No one will touch you, you are mine. I’m going to make you mine for everyone to see. Anyone that touches anything of mine dies.”


“I’m going to marry you, you silly thing. I’m going to take you away from here, I’m going to marry you and you will be protected for all the world to see. That is…”

“What?” Uncertainty didn’t belong in that voice. Merlin didn’t like it, even as he snuffled and moved closer to the warmth, yawning.

“If you’ll have me?” A finger was placed under his chin and his head tilted up. He gazed into the eyes, the eyes that he never thought that he would see again and realised that it was all true. He was still loved, and he was still wanted. He could still have a life, he could still be a person again. All that was left was for him to say the one word that would get him out of this hell and back into the heaven that he had lived in for so long before.

Tags: *c:loopstagirl, c:merlin, pt 054:proposal, rating:nc-17, type:drabble

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